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Friday, May 2, 2008

A Perfect Day With Nature~ Part One

The Living and Loving household enjoys nature. Some more than others, but to tell the truth we are all at our best when out of doors. Hubby is without a doubt an outdoors type of fellow. Sugar takes after him in this fashion. Mama finds herself equally happy in and out of doors, but if I have to choose whether as a family we were to spend time inside or out, I'll always pick the latter.

We all have our own method of soaking in the goodness that is nature. Hubby usually has a purpose in mind. Fishing.....hunting.......camping.....and so on. I tend to refrain from those first two, and I indulge hubby, at least once a year, on the last one, but seriously it won't come as a surprise that I am all about the photography when I am outside. Sugar Bear....well....she is just along for the ride. She'll jump in and participate no matter what we are doing. She is easy going like that.

Recently, we headed out for a family drive, hoping to discover a new camp spot we can enjoy this summer. It was one of the first fabulously sunny days we have experienced this spring, and we wanted to take advantage of the joyful weather. However, with recent fuel price hikes, I spent the better part of the trip mentally lamenting the cost of this excursion, but in the end, I am glad we went.

The family dog, Daisy, was more than ready to shake off her winter blues, and readily assumed her post in the rear of out truck.

Sugar, always one ready for a new adventure, happily munched on some snacks from the comfort of her car seat, and dazzled me with her baby blues.

The scenery was fabulous. This particular lake was new to us, and we were smitten with the beautiful twists and turns of the land surrounding the cool water.

Lily pads were plentiful, and the water was a bit murky, but this did not deter our Daisy from enjoying an extensive game of fetch. I posted the photos of Daisy and Sugar Bear playing at the lake they other day. Daisy was thrilled to be swimming, and Sugar couldn't get enough of throwing things in the water for her. They make a fabulous team.

We welcomed the sun back into our hearts, and Sugar Bear was eager to try out her new super fly Dora shades. If you ask me....she was rockin these sunglasses. I especially liked how no matter how hard she tried, she simply could not get them to sit above her ears. Instead they liked to force her ears to jut out, which created a very fashionable look.

While Sugar kept busy helping Hubby gather some firewood, I busied myself photographing some signs of spring. I didn't get very many, as the freakish safety conscience part of me couldn't take my eyes of the Sug very long around the water. Even though I know Hubby is entirely capable of keeping her safe, I am just a bit over anxious at times. I did, however, capture a few nice ones. The woods around here are not colorful, but there are small signs of new growth if you look hard enough.

Once Hubby got a small fire going, we roasted some hot dogs, and Sugar Bear delighted in eating the second WHOLE hot dog in a bun in her entire life. She is used to mama cutting it up in tiny little pieces, so this was a real treat.

As I leaned back into a tree, I couldn't help but admire the beauty in the simple things. What a blessing it is to be a part of this amazing planet. How lucky I am to be able to step outside, and see new beginnings, and breath the fresh clean air. It is is good. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Or does it?.......look at this.....this new beginning.....what a breath of fresh air. Breathe Deep!

Be on the look out for PART TWO. You'll get the pleasure of viewing our day from Sugar Bear's point of view.....yes....Sugar Bear Snaps, again.

17 Live It or Love It:

david mcmahon said...

Dear Corey, I have NOT been giving you and my other close blog-friends the cold shoulder.

Started a new job recently - so it's all got much busier.

Am back now, !!!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like she had a blast. She was rockin' those shades. There's not too much cuter than a little one in sunglasses.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhhh Sugar is so cute. And Miss m covets those glasses, hee hee. What a beautiful place you live in Cor, it just looks amazing. x

Megan Cobb said...

Those were beautimus, as always, and now I REALLY want a hotdog. YUM.

Gen said...

I loved your photos. They've made me crave a family outing in the sun. The lake is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful spot!!
And LOL at those too-big glasses :) She looks too cute in them.

Joeprah said...

I just wanted to tell you that I paused on the first picture of the river. Amazing. Really breathtaking like you say. You live near there? Jealous.

Lindy said...

looks like a fun time was had by all- including Daisy!!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Sugar bear is soooo darling (as ever). I can't wait for it to stop snowing up here so we can start enjoying the lovely outdoor paradise we're living in as well. You're making me yearn for it!

Carolyn said...

Mmmmm. So beautiful. My family should really do this more often. We never just hop in the car and go for a drive. We're always on some mission or another.

Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration, as usual.

Michelle said...

It did look like it was a perfect day to get out and explore! Sugar is stylin' with those sunglasses!

Jules said...

Oh wow, looks like a beautiful day!!! I am jealous of the great weather, it is still icky here.

Beautiful pics! Can't wait to see Sugar Bear Snaps!

Deb said...

What a gorgeous lake! And I love Sugar's Dora shades - too cute! :)

I think the windblown hair shots are some of my favorites that you've taken of her.

Anonymous said...

While I'm not typically an outdoorsy person, I love camping. And I love to watch the kids just explore and experience new things outdoors. Your day sounds very relaxing!

holly said...

the lake shots remind me of parts in wyoming. the nice parts. not near my hometown...

she is SOOO fly in those dora shades. did she find them with the map? with the map with the map with the map?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day. Often simple is best. Can't wait to see Sugar's pics.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day! Love the Dora shades -- she sure knows how to work them :D

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