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Monday, October 27, 2008

At Least She Washed Her Hands


Sugar Bear is used to her neurotic mother reminding her to wash her hands, but recent she has really started to actually "get it". She is able to accurately identify when germs are likely to be on her hands. There are moments that she actually requests a hand washing because, "my hands are germy!" awww......what a cute little germophobe I am raising.


Before helping me make some Autumn sugar cookies the other day, she insisted on a washing her hands. It melted my heart. We thoroughly scrubbed, and set about our task. The last time she rolled out dough was last December, with her Grandma Shirley. For Sugar, it was just like yesterday. She has a memory that defies logic. Throughout our recent cookie making she gave me the blow by blow of what she did "last time!"


This girl takes cookie cutting seriously. Her concentration was steady, and it was hard to even get her attention. As always, I tried really hard to bite my tongue and let her do it "her way." It isn't easy, but I am certain it is way more important than having perfect cookies.


She carefully rolled, cut, moved to the wax paper, and started again. The main assistance I gave was constantly reminding her to try to get more than one cookie cut on the rolled out dough before starting over. She always went right for the middle. She needed LOTS of reminding.


Soon, all the cookies were ready for the oven, and it was past Sugar's bedtime. I assured her that I would bake them all up, and they would be good and ready for the icing in the morning. Reluctantly she went to bed.

The next morning she was eager and ready to decorate. Just between you and was the sprinkles she was really interested in. :) After I whipped up a batch of icing, and tried to get the requested colors, Sugar Bear again washed her hands, then set about frosting her cookies.


Don't you just love this color? tee hee....Sugar Bear had requested brown, and try as I might, I COULD.NOT.MAKE.BROWN! ugh....remind me to buy some nice cake decorating food colorings someday. Sooooooooo....we have olive green. NICE.


Sugar wasn't bothered by the odd color at all. She was over the top elated to FINALLY be allowed to sprinkle. OH.THE.JOY!!!!


She takes her sprinkles VERY SERIOUSLY! Almost as seriously, as washing her hands, in fact.


She experienced many methods of dispensing the sprinkles. She did a little of this....and a little of that. The only constant.......was......the......carefully timed LICK of her palm BETWEEN each cookie. read that right. The budding germ phobe has a bit more to learn.


But if you are a grandparent of a sweet little Sugar Bear, with a face like just pretend that the cookie she lovingly made for you isn't teeming with germ upon germ.


If you closed your eyes, and blocked out all thoughts of food bourne illness, they actually tasted pretty darn delicious. Due to a happy accident, this batch of sugar cookies might have been the best I have ever made. I somehow managed to add lemon flavoring to the dough instead of almond flavoring, so I also added lemon flavoring instead of Vanilla to the icing, and let me just say......YUM!!!! You should try it.

17 Live It or Love It:

Anonymous said...

I'm First. I'm First! I didn't even read it yet! Sorry, I get excited easily.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I've read it and it's a great post as usual...but not quite as good as the "crack". Love the pics. -Heather
PS I'm number 2 too.

Gayle said...

Great mom-daughter time.

Michele said...

Awww... fun times!! Terrific photos!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool!! LOL at the olive green :)

Tabitha Blue said...

Looks like a well spent couple of days!! I think it's so sweet how they love to help in the kitchen.

"what a cute little germophobe I am raising." LOL... I think I'm doing the same thing!!

The pictures with her sweet little hands are precious... and the one with her eating the fruits of her own work, priceless!

Laura said...

Awwww! What fun! I didn't think about doing pumpkin cutouts...good idea! Maya's been talking about doing sugar cookies again, and remembers the process of last Christmas' venture too!

We're big into washing hands here, but mostly at Maya's insistence because she's in a phase where she HATES being sticky. *sigh* I have to convince her that we don't need to wash them in between each step when we're cooking! :)

Autumn said...

Sugar Bear and Sugar cookies... who could ask for anything more?

Beth Cotell said...

Hmmmmm....sugar cookies from scratch? I'll have to try that sometime!

Christina said...

Oh yes - I always put lemon in my sugar cookies! Yum! I actually use lemon juice, tho.

I just love how careful and absorbed she is in the task at hand. I had to giggle at the BROWN icing!

Heidi said...

You know I love this post!!! Yum!

Kim said...

yum..those look delicious!! Great job with the decorating.

Killlashandra said...

That's great she's recognizing when is a good time to wash her hands. :) Something to be proud of for sure. However, the cookies look yummy and she did an outstanding job decorating them. I would have eaten them no matter what. ;)

tommie said...

Those look like she had so much fun!

Corey, would you mind sharing your icing recipe? I have been hesitant to do roll out cookies because I don't want to use premade frosting. Yours looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Those do look yummy! Olive green is on of my favorite shades. I'll bet it tastes delicious.

Deb said...

LOL - it's too funny how they can put something together in their minds but completely miss other parts of it... Yummy-looking cookies! And an adorable-looking Sugar Bear as well. :)

Michelle said...

what a fun time making cookies! I had to laugh at how she got the sprinkles to stay on her hand though!

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