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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reason #239 TV Rots Your Brain

Last week, I slowly crept into Sugar Bear's room hoping to get the chance to watch her sleep for a few seconds before waking her up, and rushing around like a monsters chasing us, to get out of the house on time. I stood over her bed basking in the glow of a child sleeping. It took a sense of that clock monster breathing down my neck to force me to wake the peaceful Sugar. I reached out, and softly rubbed her little back, while quietly saying, "Good Morning, Sugar. Time to wake up."

As if someone had literally yanked her straight up out of her lying position, she shot up, wide eyed, and immediately said, " NEVER dries out!" With a bit of surprise on my face I wondered aloud, "What honey? What never dries out?" Sugar's face was full of wonder when she said, "That know...that you can make coins and castles out of!" Gesturing with little hands, "That stuff!" Wide eyed, "IT NEVER DRIES OUT!"

As I scooped up my little honey, I chuckled and said, "Oh....
Moon Sand! Are you talking about Moon Sand?" "Yes, Mama....and it never dries out!" she replied with more than a bit of wonderment in her voice.

Sigh......commercials. The poor little honey must have been dreaming about those darn Moon Sand commercials. It is rotting her little brain. Later she mentioned that she would like some Moon Sand for Christmas. I am more than certain I will NOT be getting it for her. Last year, a friend gave her some fancy Foam Dough.


Sugar Bear loves this stuff, and her creativity warms my heart.


She works tirelessly, and I love to observe her intense concentration.


However, it causes some great frustrations for both her and I.
The darn stuff not only sticks to clothes, it doesn't come off the materials that came with it. Forget about getting it off of those feathers....seriously, what a joke.


The biggest pet peeve of mine is the colorful box showing all sorts of fun designs using multiple colors. Are they kidding me? Sugar wants 5 different colors...not the brown mass it will be after making just two of those rainbow creations.


Nope...Moon Sand, and it's amazing ability to "never dry out" will not be under our tree. I'm sure it is FABULOUS stuff, but I seriously don't need another brown mass of chemically altered gunk in my house. Sorry Sugar...


Let's turn off the TV, and read another book.

19 Live It or Love It:

kat said...

How funny is it that she was dreaming about it. I love how creative kids can get. It is as if they have got an entirely magic world in their brains that we adults have no access to. Brilliant.

AnnD said...

She was dreaming about moon innocent is that?! I use moon sand in play therapy and kids do gravitate towards it...I did not get the colored moon sand though. I just got the type that looks like sand. It does vacuum up but sometimes it takes some extra effort (going over the same spot a few times) to get it all.

Cynthia said...

I am constantly amazed by what the kiddos dream about. Miss Peach dreams about cupcakes!

Autumn said...

"Let's turn off the TV, and read another book."
Amen sister!
I swear Bug wants everything from the t.v. commercials. The best one was the time a Viagra commercial was on and he turned to husband and said "Daddy you should get that." I about peed my pants I laughed so hard. They make EVERYTHING sound good in the commercials. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's so cute though! But, I agree we don't allow Moon Sand or Play Doh or anything like it. The only time they get it is when we're camping!

Christina said...

It's crazy how much seeps into their little brains, isn't it? They really do pick up on everything. I love her creations! And I'm impressed that she still has 5 different colors, as if it were would all be one brown mass. ;o)

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

You are wise! Do not succumb to the temptation to delight her with the Moon Sand. It's horrible stuff, all over my floor, in the grout on my table, everywhere. I've finally been able to sneak the last of it outta here.

Aunt Julie said...

Looks like Sugar is as creative as her Mommy! I've got a good commercial story. When my youngest was around Sugar's age, she asked her Dad to take her to a movie. He wasn't really paying much attention and said something like, "Oh, I don't know,'s not showing around here, is it?" The gal promptly answered, "Yes it is, Daddy! It's at Theaters Near You!"

BTW, I'm celebrating 150 Posts with an Award and a Pop'rs Giveaway...please come visit soon!

Anonymous said...

That's why I canceled my cable!! A book sounds like a marvelous idea! Or some homemade play dough?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! They have an amazing recall when it comes to commercials, don't they? :D

Stand your ground on that Moon Sand -- vile stuff, that. Jacqui got some for her 4th birthday and it just magically disappeared around here one day... Moon Sand?? What Moon Sand??

Beth Cotell said...

That looks like Floam! UGH! We have some of that and it just isn't as cool as my kids thought it would be.

We've played with Moon Sand at the Children's Museum and it is very cool. But I prefer to leave it at the Children's Museum!

Donetta said...

That was a fun post.I know what you mean.Lego's are the best

Anonymous said...

Oh, lol... I've been thinking about getting Moon Sand for my 3 yo nephew! I knnow what you mean, though... he is fond of saying "I wish I had that" at all the boy toys. I just went out for Wall-E... he loved watching the YouTubes, hope he can sit through the movie ;-)

Tabitha Blue said...

That is just too funny! Wow, it really does infiltrate their little minds, doesn't it. I wonder what my Baby Blue dreams about!! Big purple dinosaurs? Hmm...

That stuff does look like fun though!! I bet she has a blast with that foam! :)

tommie said...

Yeah, there is no moon sand coming into our home either! But it is hilarious that she is dreaming about it.

Suzy said...

I enjoyed reading all these comments from young moms...mine are all grown now(been there,done that!!)It'a amazing how they memorize those commercials... word for word!

Deb said...

Abby has been asking for Moon Sand for a few years now too - and it has stayed out of our house as well. As it will continue to do. :)

Commercials... I'm finding now that we're home during the day the girls are seeing so many more of them. They've stopped asking for everything they see though - I think it's finally sunk in that they're not getting it just because they saw a commercial for it. I hope, anyway. :)

we are reilly said...

We did get moon sand from grandma last year -- it's not all what's it's cracked up to be! I doesn't stick together very's basically colored sand. Messier than play doh and not as fun.

Yes, you have to just LOVE commercials, huh? that's why when we do have the TV on at our house, it's only on PBS or Disney -- NO commercials during the young children's programs!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, I HAVE bought my girls some moon sand. It is from Santa not me so I'll blame him if it's bad. I know it probably will be. And the spider pic, wow, but ughhhh. Shivers.

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