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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Three Corners~ Traditions a blog post that starts out with a "sigh" ever any good? I just don't know what it is about the month when it is my turn to pick the theme. Every single time, I have all these great ideas, and they never pan out. This month, I chose the theme of TRADITIONS. I had a vision of a super yummy photo of a roasted turkey from Thanksgiving. MIL roasted and carved the turkey the day before Thanksgiving. picture for me. The month got away from me, and I only picked up my camera less then 10 times the entire month. EEEEKKKK!

So I sit here tonight piecing together a set of three photos that depict TRADITIONS. Bear with me.

The year Sugar Bear was born, began my obsession with sewing holiday outfits for my littlest love. Traditionally, a few weeks, to a month before a special holiday you will find me sewing like a crazy fool. Christmas in particular finds me sewing a bit early, to have an outfit in time for the TRADITIONAL Christmas Card Photo Shoot. This photo is a TEASER. It isn't one I chose for the Christmas Card, and it only gives you a peek at her special Holiday Overalls. I'll be posting a series of these shots later this month.

The following photo needs quite an explanation to really "get" why it speaks of Tradition for me. Growing up, every Thanksgiving was spent at my Aunt and Uncle's house several hours away. It was a BIG DEAL in our family. We arrived Wednesday night, and left late morning on Sunday. Us kids spent the majority of the time in the basement of the 3 story house playing a variety of games, ranging from pool to computer games. I was like a kid in a candy shop. My cousins had all the things I wished I had...mostly a computer, atari, and such. I spent hours and hours playing computer games in that basement.
This Thanksgiving, I found myself at my inlaw's house. After a warm up period, on Sugar's part, she finally began to play with the cousins she doesn't see all that often. They disappeared to the basement. After quite sometime, she came up to tell me about her adventures in Ping Pong, and Video Games (both firsts for her). She smelled of basement, and I was immediately transported to the Thanksgivings of yesteryear. Anyone who has ever spent much time in a basement knows the smell I'm talking about. Damp......musty......and well Basement like. Even though it is not a pleasant smell, I found myself holding Sugar alittle tighter, and breathing deep the linger of my past, making this Thanksgiving more TRADITIONAL than I ever imagined.

Lastly, we have the beginning of a new TRADITION. I'll be sharing this week, of the first time Sugar Bear ever mailed a letter to Santa. It was totally spontaneous, and adorable.
Be sure to checkout Lindy and Jeanette's blogs to see them fine photos of TRADITIONS.

15 Live It or Love It:

kat said...

Oh Corey I love the mailing a letter to Santa photograph and the fact that it was spontaneous...Oh how did it happen. This is just adorable.

Lindy said...

The mailing letter one is very cool. Squidge and I are going to post our letter tomorrow.

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Oh! I remember playing in my grandma's basement with my cousins too. We'd play pool and all the board games down there. One year I discovered all the frozen Christmas cookies in my grandma's freezer and shared the discovery with my cousins. Grandma blamed my dad for the stolen cookies (He used to sneak them when he was a kid too). BEST Christmas ever! lol

Tabitha Blue said...

So sweet, I love the traditions. That first photo is just too adorable... and that last one is particularly sweet. She just looks so happy to be sending that letter!

Anonymous said...

Love the letter one!! We're going to post ours up the chimney tomorrow :)

Christina said...

Has anyone every told you that you're too hard on yourelf? You are! These are great traditions you captured. I really love the one of her mailing the annual letter!

holly said...

ooooh i love christmas traditions. i hope we started one today - i finally got on board with the advent calendar.

and tomorrow we start the christmas card making, which is more about sucking down candy canes and listening to christmas songs than it is about getting cards out.

Nichole said...

Oh Corey!!! I LOVE the one of her mailing the letter!!!!!

Killlashandra said...

Letters to Santa are such a wonderful idea. :) And I love that first shot of her with the santa hat. Too cute. And a Christmas card shoot is a great idea.

Although I can totally relate to not getting around to the camera lately. November really escaped me too.

Anonymous said...

Terrific shots! I also have wonderful basement memories!

Maude Lynn said...

I can't wait to see the Christmas card!

Anonymous said...

I love those traditions and memories! Perfect!

Mary Ellen said...

How cute! Growing up in the South, I have zero familiarity with basements or their smells LOL!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Those are great traditions Cor. Miss m did a cut out and stick letter for Santa and Miss E typed hers on the pc. They are so cute. I love doing those daft little things that add to the magic. :D

tommie said...

Oh Corey! have reminded me to make sure I have my camera ready to capture those first Santa letters......thank you!

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