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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Vintage Sugar Bear~From Birth to 3 Months

Since Ann requested a newborn photo of Sugar Bear, and I am busy digital scrapbooking these days, I figured a really easy blog post would be a few shots of Miss Sugar in her first three months of life. Why not?

The follow photo is easily one of my all time favorites of Sugar Bear. She is less than 20 minutes old. She had yet to even be weighed yet. This is truly a peek at how fabulous my Sugar Bear is. Look how perfect, and content she is. Sigh....the CRUSH begins. (I love how it looks like she is waving at the camera)

Here she is three days later on her first night at home. She was a bit jaundice, but healthy and sweet as can be.

feb 6 05 010
Five days old, and posing for her birth announcement shots. AWWWWWW.....

feb 6 05 018e
First real bath... 17 days old, and a mover and a shaker already.

first bath jan 27 05 002
She wasn't too happy with the dry off, after the bath. Poor Little Sug!

first bath jan 27 05 007
Here she is alittle over a month old, and so smiley.

Mar 1 05 011
Almost two months old, and already bored with Mama and her photography antics.

Mar 7 05 019
Alittle over 2 months old and really filling out. Breast milk does a baby good. :)

Mar 20 05 050
Sugar Bear's first Easter. Two and a half months old, and a serious mama's girl. The admiration goes both ways......BIG TIME!

A day shy of 3 months old, and full of sass. Gotta love a baby raspberry!

Sigh....those were the days. I have to admit that I just loved the newborn phase. Those first few months of attachment development just melts my heart. I'd rewind Sugar Bear's life in an instant and do it ALL over again. There just hasn't been a stage that I didn't enjoy. What a blessing she is!

14 Live It or Love It:

Anonymous said...

She's been beautiful right from the beginning! I agree that breast milk does a baby good! I'm convinced it was a big part of the reason The Bean did so well despite being so early.

Anonymous said...

Blessed you are! All of you. And you're so right about enjoying every stage... truly words of wisdom :-)

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh I so agree with you there... I love all the stages and truly enjoyed the newborn stage!! Oh the tiny cuddles and constant holding... yes, I spoiled Baby Blue, as I'm sure you did Sugar Bear! Those pics are just so cute and so sweet, makes me want another one. I love sleeping babies... and that yawn is precious!! Look how skinny you are after 1 month!! Nicely done :)

Oh and I agree with Ispeakbeanish... BB was 3 weeks early and she caught up quick... I think because of breastmilk. So healthy.

Anonymous said...

This was a sweet trip down memory lane. I am right there with you- I have loved every stage.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, she was cute!

Anonymous said...

**sigh** She is SO gorgeous- then and now. I confess that I like looking at newborn pics more than I enjoyed that phase... :-D

AnnD said...

Yes! Thank you! I just logged onto my blog and read your comment: "Your wish is my command." It's 7 a.m. and I'm thinking: "What is she talking about....hmmmmm...Oh! The newborn Sugar pics!"

She was beautiful right from the get-go...and I mean that. You know how some babies just aren't that pretty after they've been squashed and pushed out, Sugar was as gorgeous then as she is now! Thank you so much! I do love those vintage baby photos!

I wish I could say that I loved that phase but it was rough but not rough enough for me to never want to do it again!

Rachel said...

You're right she was gorgeous from the get go. Neither of my kids were ;-)

My ovaries just twitched!! Adorable pics!!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhhh so cute. These bring back memories of Miss M. She was also a little jaundiced and very smiley. Corey where did all that time go?

tommie said...

It is so funny, I can see her same little smirky grin even from birth!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

LOVE THESE!! Isn't it amazing how quickly you can start to see glimpses of their big kid selves in those newborn faces? *sigh* Too fast.

Christina said...

Eeeee! I am officially smitten! What a darling. She has such a classic SUGAR look even at the very beginning. Oh, how my arms ache for my tiny baby again...

Michelle said...

Oh I just loved seeing these pics of Sugar Bear as a baby! She was as adorable then as she is now!

Deb said...

Oh look at that gorgeous baby she was. Awww..... I love every single stage as well - I keep finding myself saying 'THIS is my favorite stage', over and over again, lol. :)

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