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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Keeping the Pearly Whites...Well....WHITE! (part one)

For only being nearly four years old (GULP), Sugar Bear has quite the history with the Dentist. I am very good about taking her every 6 months for a check up, and fluoride varnish. Recently, this exciting visit was due. We some of the 1.5 hour drive discussing what she could expect. The truth is, I wasn't sure if they were going to start doing an official cleaning or not. All the appointments leading up to this they hadn't, but I know it is coming up, so I wanted her to be prepare for the possibility. The last time they had even taken one X-ray, and it wasn't her favorite part, so I wanted to prepare her in case it was to happen again. It was a nice calm conversation. I do not have issues regarding dentistry, and I hope to keep the Sugar from having fears as well. She is they type of kid that prefers to know what is coming though, so I try to be as up front as possible with her. One exciting thing about this trip was that Grandma was going to be there as well. After her appointment, she would have the honor of going to Grandma and Papa's house for a few days before Thanksgiving. Sugar was very pleased to have Grandma along for the visit.

Sugar giddily skipped over to the Dental Hygienist when her name was called. She is such a good sport. I briefly explained that I AM THAT MOM, and I would be taking photos. (to be fair it is the first time in like 6 times to the dentist that I brought the camera) The really lovely Stephanie barely batted and eye, and proceeded to paint Sugar's teeth fluorescent pink.

I crossed my fingers and held my breath for the results. You see....last time, there was a nice bit of buildup at her top gum line. I had been cognizant of brushing the front better in the last six months, and I was really hoping my efforts had been adequate. Unlike the week before MY OWN visit to the dentist, I had NOT been brushing for the BIG DAY! You know....I know I'm not the only one.....brushing better to make up for some....ummm...lack of flossing and such. ANYHOW, for Sugar's visit I did NOT brush her teeth better, as I really honestly needed to know if what I normally do is enough. So many things about parenting is a guessing game, and if I could just KNOW I'm doing okay, I'd be so relieved.
Luckily, this time, we got a THUMBS UP! Whew....we are the tooth brushing Queens of the WORLD! Rock on! Next up was a nice rough meticulous tooth brushing demonstrated by Stephanie. As you can see, Sugar Bear was a good sport. Looks like fun huh?
Somehow, I missed a shot of the flossing. I suppose when you only have two teeth to floss between, it doesn't take very long. Sugar Bear, did however, thoroughly enjoyed the swish ad spit procedure.
She totally rocked the swishing.

And I totally fouled up the spit photo. Darn it!
Next up was the "hurry up and wait" part. She eagerly jumped into the exam chair, but was too busy eyeing the staff to look at me for a photo.
She was totally ready to "do this thang", but we had to wait. Stephanie gave her a cool princess book to occupy her time. She was actually able to enjoy it since NOT ONE child was screaming. This is MUCH better than last time. MUCH BETTER!!!! Last time, a boy about 6 was screaming his head off the entire time, yelling "I HATE YOU!" to anyone and everyone. The staff explained that the mother insisted that they just power through and get the cavity filled despite the screaming. I'm glad I wasn't the one having to make THAT decision.

As much as lovely as the book was, she still didn't embrace the joy of waiting. She didn't complain, but her face says it all.
Soon we ditched the book and just humored ourselves taking pictures of her new shoes. I hadn't realized that they were do dirty already.
Stay tuned for Thursday, and the conclusion of this ever exciting post. I'm sure you will be losing sleep until you find out if she got to experience the whirling, twirling ticking cleaner, huh? Ummm...yeah, I thought so.

8 Live It or Love It:

Christina said...

Sigh. I'm yet to take Nadia for her first visit to the dentist. Must add that to the to-do list. What a good little patient SB is!

Anonymous said...

What a good little patient!

And this may have been one of your last chances to get all those photos- at Abby's last visit (4.5 yrs) the cheery hygienist said "you can wait here mom" and Abby skipped off on her own.

Gayle said...

It's time for me to take Olivia in again, but unlike you I have huge dentist issues. I get shaky going in the waiting room, and would never be able to get the shots you did. I've been to the dentist twice in the last 29 years, and it took a lot of Valium to get me in there. I wish I wasn't so afraid, and thank goodness none of the kids have developed those phobias (so far!). Great job, Sugar, on your pearly whites!

Megan Cobb said...

Bean and I are due for a visit this month, too. She did so well last time, but my gums bled like stuck pigs. I'm dreading it but you've almost made it look fun, here. You have a way of doing that! ;)

tommie said...

We go to the dentist in Jan...We have gone several times, but yet to do x-rays.

Love the shoe shot!

Cynthia said...

OMG...Miss Peach would have lost her mind! Sugar Bear seemed so calm...

Anonymous said...

The Bean had x-rays and a cleaning when she went this last time! She was a champ! We talked a lot about the "special pictures" and the "spinny toothbrush" and that they will count your teeth. We practiced opening her mouth wide. Sugar did a great job!

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh, just love that last photo of the shoes, so cute. She's such a great sport!! You have been more faithful than I... we are all past due for our checkups, and I'm procrastinating still. Sigh.

I'll will have to be 'that mom' as well, when I finally do make it though :)

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