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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hunting for a Good Time

For quite some time, I've been thinking of trying a fun photography activity with Sugar Bear, but never took the time to actually do it. This happens often with me. I have so many exciting ideas swirling around in my head. While some find their way to reality, many spend their lifespan continuing to spin in circles....never finding the exit on out of Corey's little head.

This little game finally hit the jackpot, and was ejected just yesterday. While Sugar busied herself with some sort of princess play, I jotted down the first 16 things that popped into my mind. Each one....something that could be found outside withing a half mile of our home.

With my camera in hand, I explained the idea of the activity to Sugar Bear. Her wide smile, and hurried feet to find her little camera proved that a good time was about to be had. Soon we were skipping out the door with our list at the ready. Within a few feet we began our PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT began. The idea was simple. We each needed to take a picture of the 16 things on our list. Simple as that. We did not need to do it in order, and in fact we both took our pics in completely different orders, but for the sharing of our results, I have paired our pictures up. I do hope you enjoy seeing discoveries.

Sugar and Corey's First Scavenger Hunt:

1. A Pine Cone



2. A Yellow Flower



3. A Grey Rock



4. A White Rock



5. A Berry



6. Some Bark



7. A Purple Flower



8. An Animal



Okay...Had to share a few more.



Isn't she just so cute taking pics of the neighbor's dogs? tee hee....

9. Something Red



10. A Metal Gate



11. A Mail Box



12. Water



13. A White Flower



14. Something Blue



15. A Stick



16. A Bug



I have to admit, folks......This was a BLAST. Not only did it give us something to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, it gave us a challenge, and I think that is something wonderful. It opened out eyes to the things we drive past everyday, and helped us see more than before. It encouraged me to look at something with a different eye, and try to see the art in it. It was refreshing, and invigorating.

WE will most definately be doing this again, and I'd like to challenge you all to play along as well. If you have been in a rut lately.....feeling in a photography funk....or just plain need something fun to do with your child/children.....please take my list.....and an hour or so, and try to get shots of as many of the items as you can. I'd be honored to see your efforts. Link back here, and let me know if you do. I'm sure Sugar would get a kick out of it as well.

24 Live It or Love It:

Sue said...

WOW SB did a GREAT job with her photos..I even like a few of hers better than yours LOL! The metal fence one, the water one, and I was wondering about your mailbox....isn't that an electrical box? LOL..I think SB won the hunt, I've never seen a mailbox with wires coming out of it??? Sorry mum!

TFS...that was a great exercise with your little bear...look forward to the next one!

Janet said...

Wow! What a talented little Sugar Bear you have there! I think she did a very good job! I quite like the dog resting his chin on the wire fence. He so looks like he'd love to go for a run with her!

Momo Fali said...

It's official. My kids want to come live with you.

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Wow, what a fun little project for you girls!! I'd love to do this with mine and you may have just given me the push I needed. SB did a great job getting photos too!!

Oh and I love the fly photo! Fabulous!

Bryce's momma said...

How fun! Sugar Bear has your gift for angles. lol She did a great job as did you! i bet that it was a blast to share your second passion with your first passion. What great memories times 2. she will have her memories and her pics too!

Donetta said...

I love it!
I want to know more about your mail box image. Sugars eye is after her mothers heart and the talent shows.

Berta said...

I LOVE THIS IDEA . . . .sorry, but I'm just going to have to use it with my cute little grandkids! I'm sure our photos won't be coming out as good - but we'll give it a shot! That 'fly' is AMAZING, HOWEVER, I LOVE them all!

What a fun activity - like I've said before SB is a fortunate little girl - what memories she's going to have, I can't even begin to tell you! You're 'getting it right' - you'll never regret the time you're spending with her!

***I'll be quiet now!***

Tanya said...

I've missed your blog while I have been away Corey. And I absolutely love this post!!! Sugar Bear isnt half bad!! Some of her shots are better then I can do, lol. You have a budding photographer there mom!
I think I am going to take you up on your challenge this weekend :) My daughter would love it!

Cynthia said...

Go Sugar Bear!

Anonymous said...

This is fabulous, Corey! I LOVE it!

Gayle said...

The kids and I did this last summer, but it was an ABC scavenger hunt. We all had very different ideas. It was a lot of fun. I think we'll do it again. Oh, and I like Sugar's water photo the best.

Beth Cotell said...

What an awesome idea! I love scavenger hunts. I'll have to keep this in mind for later in the summer.

JC said...

Terrific idea! Sugar has quite a few winners in there!

Marcelle said...

You entertained me for sure with this entry.
Lovely idea, will have to try that one with my granddaughter next year...oh will I remember!!!
Love the photo's...Sugar Bear is going to give her mom some competition soon...

tiarastantrums said...

oh this is ONE great idea - and I have a camera for all the kiddies to participate in this one!!

kayerj said...

I'd say she has her mother's eye . . .

tommie said...

What a fun project! We have done this with colors and shapes.

That is some hardcore mailbox.

Michie said...

I love this idea. Do you have any suggestions on a good camera for a four year old? I think my daughter would love to have the option of taking her own pictures with her own camera. I've tried to do color scavenger hunts with her, and she's gotten bored after we took a picture of something red. Maybe if she had her own camera she'd enjoy it a little more. Your daughter did a great job - she got some good shots!

Holly said...

Like mama, like daughter! I can't believe what a beautifully scenic place you live in! You're so lucky. And to think you took all these pictures in *one afternoon*! Great idea.

Christina said...

I love it! N and I would have so much fun with this. I'd have to modify the list, tho - no pinecones or berries growing around here! Sugar really does a great job with the camera (not that I'm surprised!)

Annette said...

What a fun idea! My kids would love it, I think we will try it.

It is beautiful where you live.

Carolyn Egerszegi said...

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa Spooky Alert! Would you believe that for the first time ever I did a photo scavenger hunt with Csilla on Monday? We did the letters of the alphabet (take a picture of something that starts with the first letter for each of the letters in the alphabet). It was so fun and Csilla loved it. I'm so excited to see that you and Sugar Bear were having the same fun as we were this week!!! Unbelieveable. Separated at birth I tell ya!

Carolyn Egerszegi said...

Oh, but I should say I've done something similar-ish with Csilla before which was really fun too. I took pictures of a bunch of things around the house, printed them, then I put the picture of the second object next to the first object and created a "chain" she had to follow from one object/clue to the next until she got to the end where there was some sort of a prize waiting. Does that make any sense? Anyway it was a lot of fun. And the best part was that once you've done the work of taking the photos and printing them you can play over and over again with the same pictures, just switching up the order. I would make it harder (and more time-consuming for her) by placing each clue on opposite ends of the house from the next clue. There's always lots of giggling as she runs all over the house. So fun!

Michelle said...

what a great, fun idea! I'm going to have to try this with Kayla.

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