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Monday, June 15, 2009

Playing with Water

In case you hadn't noticed.....I've been playing with water a bit lately. I don't know what it is about summer that brings out my interest in water, because it sure can't be the weather. It has been dull and overcast here for what seems like ages. The Sugar has had ZERO opportunities to get summer water play on, and hasn't even worn shorts yet. sigh....

Despite the gloom and doom, I have been feeling inspired, and playful. I have taken many opportunities recently to try some new things, and even some of the older ideas that never really panned out for me. It has been a delightful experience, and has helped awaken the flat out bored photography mojo I've had for awhile now.

Today, I'd like to share some of my favorite shots from a recent session of play.


While I'm pleased with the results from this first try at water droplets, I'm far from finished. I learned soooooooooooo much during this photo session. I can't wait to give it a go again.


The next two photos are the same, only cropped differently. I couldn't decide which one I liked better. What do you think?



The changes in the coloring in these photos is due to what I had behind the water. Some feature my off white ceramic sink, and the darker ones have a navy piece of fabric behind it.

I soooooooooooo wish this one had been focus. I love the little GLEAM.


What fun it is. The possibilities are endless when it comes to photography. I simply can't understand why I start feeling so bored with my photos, but I do. It is stuff like this that pulls me out from that negativity, and gives me a reason to keep on snappin'!


19 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

I think I might be a tad jealous of your time to have fun with the camera (and edit....). My camera has some sort of hair (and stuff) in it and all my photos are horrible. I've been using a point and shoot. I have to take that thing in to be cleaned. Again, your creativity amazes me, and it is great that your love of photography keeps you out of a funk. (Plus, it gives you time to yourself). Oh, and I liked the first one of the two the same, but cropped differently.

Melissa ♥ Spoiled Mommy said...

WOW-everyone is doing water droppin lately....I LOVE IT!!
I was just looking at FX Mixers page too, dont know if youve seen it but I know you will like it...

Now I must go try this, you guys are making me so envious!

Gorgeous pictures, you did awesome as usual! And I LOVE the gleam one too.

AnnD said...

Amazing! I would say crop it vertically (to the one that you asked specifically about)

Berta said...

HOW FUN IS THAT? I've been wanting to TRY that! Wow, you need to send some "Water 101" instructions on how to achieve that. Those are just beautiful!

Berta said...

HOW FUN IS THAT? I've been wanting to TRY that! Wow, you need to send some "Water 101" instructions on how to achieve that. Those are just beautiful!

Autumn said...

Love it! I loved the gleam on that one shot too. Of the cropped shots, it's so hard to choose because even though it's the same photo they look so completely different. I love the first crop BUT the blue on the second crop is so cool. Good for you for getting inspired and trying something new. Could you find something that would bring me out of my funk? :P Maybe some wild animals will do it! :)

Donetta said...

I love it!
that one that is the larger

Have sugar play in a tub in her swim suit yep! That will to it :)

Secret Agent Mama said...

You are BRILLIANT! A brilliant photographer, indeed. XOXOX

Jeanette said...

absolutely brilliant, but you HAVE to explain how you did it and what lens you used etc etc ;)
As for the cropped ones, I prefer the first one that's landscape. And the last shot is truly spectacular

Christina said...

How fun is that?! I love water droplet photos, and these are fab. I've never tried it, using the excuse that I don't have a lens that will focus that close....but maybe I just need to get over that and play! The horizontal image is my preference for the one with two versions.

Anonymous said...

These are awesome. I love how different yours, fxmixer and my shots are from one another. They are all so cool.

Thanks for sharing.

B Dad

Anonymous said...

I love these, Corey.

mrsmouthy said...

I like the 6x4 cropping.

And if I took a picture like your "blurry" one I would be calling myself the next Ansel Adams and submitting it to everyone, everywhere!

fxmixer said...

Very cool! I love that your perspective makes it feel as though you're "peeking in" on the splashes. The blues are really pleasant and the out of focus highlights really add some sparkle!

JC said...

Extremely well done! Fun is an understatement ;-)

Laura said...

Beautiful! Such detail!

Tree said...

Oh my...those are just gorgeous! I think I like the landscape photos better. I have to admit, I'm also a bit jealous of your creativity, and also your camera. LOL I'm sure it's an awesome one!

Coming over from Trendy Treehouse for Shutter Love first one! :) Here's my entry for this week.

Shutter Love Tuesday

Anji* said...

Wow these are lovely shots! I like the landscape crop of the image with lighter tones best. I also love your blog header photo with the little person and the little frog, so cute!

Bon said...

I LOVE your photo's!!!
Excited to be a new follower! I am visiting from Trendy Treehouse's Shutter Love Tuesday!

Would be great if you could follow me too, I post photo's every now and then too... not nearly as great as yours, but I'm working on it.

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