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Monday, June 29, 2009

Ring Around the Rosy

Summer brings many gifts. One of which is the long days, and the incredible golden hour of light they bring. Somehow, during the long dark winter I tend to forget just how much I adore the early evening hours of summer.


There is so much to love about this time of day. It is such a delight to stand leisurely in the kitchen, cooking our dinner, with the door propped open so I can hear Sugar Bear playing on the porch. Slowly, I prepare the food to feed out tummies, while Sugar creates the sounds that feed my soul. The little feet thumping along the wooden planks of our deck, the squeals of laughter, and the calls of, "is it ready yet?" drifting delightfully in the warm air, mixing with the scents of sliced fresh fruit.


Unlike other times of the year, after dinner there is still time to enjoy the fading light. There is no other time of day that I cherish more. The sinking sun sets the world aglow. As often as possible, Sugar Bear and I take full advantage of this magical time, by heading out on an adventure.


One such evening, Sugar saw fit to bring her dolly (affectionately referred to as "sleeping beauty") along on our golden outing. Per usual, I brought the camera.


While I busied myself taking some pictures of the flowers along the road, my sweet baby girl had a rare moment of true imaginary play. Soon, she and her friend were playing "Ring Around the Rosy", as if they were alone in the rays of light. As they twirled, and twirled....spun and spun.....and let the words dance from their lips, I quietly captured their beauty.


And as they "all fell down", my heart beat fast, and my soul gratefully thanked the sun for this amazing summer gift.

12 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

STUNNING photo's once again!!!!!!
Please dont tire of me telling you this...

As a South Africa these long nights are not usual for me...when I first came to Europe it was winter and was dark by 4pm, it freaked me out...then summer arrived and I had to go to bed with the sun still shining...that was so hard...but now after nearly 5 years I am loving the long summer evenings myself...

Sugar had such fun with her the imaginary games kids have.

Janet said...

What a lovely blog! Brings back so many memories of my big girl, when she was little!!
You clearly have a special relationship with Sugar Bear - I love the way you cherish your time together!

Gayle said...

Catching the moments when they aren't watching you watch them are the best.

I tried commenting last night to offer some words of encouragement while you were missing Sugar, but my computer would not cooperate. I think it has begun the process of dying. *gasp* I'm glad you survived and had a better outlook today. It is amazing how sometimes I really, really want to be alone and as soon as I am it makes me sad.

AnnD said...

So sweet! And so soon she'll trade that baby doll in for an iPod....thank God you captured those moments.

Suzy said...

HA! My work have unblocked access to your blog again- woo-hoo!!! :D

Gorgeous pics. It looks stunning where you live- I hope I can visit one day. Sugar is so cute.

It always makes me feel a bit weird watching kids play Ring o' Rosies when the song is actually about plague symptoms, lol!

Bryce's momma said...

Fabulous and the treatment is wonderful! I gotta get outside with my camera more! I love these! What a precious treasure and your words are equally beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as always! I'm glad you are able to notice all the sounds and action going on around you while you make dinner--I think a lot of people just get focused on their tasks and don't stop to record everything about these precious moments in their heads. (And in your case, on their cameras!)

Susie said...

Corey, you said that beautifully! And as always, your little Sugar Bear is gorgeous--I can't believe how long her hair is! Have I really been away this long?

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Aww, such a fabulous series of photos! She is such a cute little girl with so much spirit and a beautiful smile!

Christina said...

I adore this series! The magical light and magical moment really are incredible. I could just stare at our little beauties all day long! I'm not used to seeing textured photos from you, tho.

Jeanette said...

Wow, the last 2 photos!

jams o donnell said...

Beautiful but then you photos are always beautiful! Happy WW

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