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Sunday, June 14, 2009

What fun she has

True summer has arrived at the Living and Loving abode. I am officially OFF for the summer....well, I do continue to work one day a week, but that is still a whole lot of OFF, right?

Along with this fabulous time off, comes many many many adjustments. I best described the struggle the first few weeks of June can be around here two years ago. Do read it to get the general idea of how fun it can be.

I have been determined to survive this time of change this year with few to NO mental breakdowns. So far, with week one down, I'd only had one major moment of needing to run far far away. If I'm being really honest, the biggest adjustment every summer is being home with my husband all day long. His job allows him to rarely work...and so he is home A LOT. So many woman would love that. NOT I. Listen...I love the man, but seriously when a 19 year relationship is based on one of the individuals being gone a majority of the time, suddenly being together 24/7 is HARD. REAL.HARD!

Anyhow, things are touch and go around here. The hubby thinks I'm home to entertain him all day. The Sugar is missing her friends, and thinks I should play with her all day, and I THOUGHT it was supposed to be Summer Vacation, but in reality it is "smother Corey until she screams, and begs for mercy" time. JOY!

One of my many tactics for keeping the "crazy" at bay is a lot of outside time.....I find that some fresh air and ummmmm more fresh air can do a mama good. It isn't bad for the little one either.

While outside, I like to lay around on the picnic table and pretend to play pretend. You follow? I'm sure some of you do. It is when the little one wants you to play pretend, and you sneakily figure out a way to play....but not really have to DO anything. rocks. And if I do it right, Sugar never catches on, and she thinks I rock too. woo hoo....

Here we are playing hide and seek. She is pretending to hide...and I was pretending to find her. It was GREAT. She did all the work. I got to lay there. OH and take some pics. It doesn't get better than that.










And she is darn cute, too. I do think the playing is more fun when the player is so cute you want to eat her with a spoon, if only you had the mental energy to do it. I'd so totally take a bite out of her, if she'd just come a little closer.

12 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

I have to agree with you, I like my own space and hubby must go to work - having him around all day for two days is more than enough for me....and I also love the man!!!
He has considered us moving closer to a city and working from home, but he also says we will *kill* each other and I we dropped that idea.

What stunning photo's you took of sugar hiding....its so well captured and displayed, I left like she was playing hide and seek with me...
She is such a beautiful child that one of yours!!!

Gayle said..., we all need space. I so dearly would love to have my husband home more than one day a week, but I'm not sure how I would do with all.the.time! This is my house afterall! lol :) Oh, wait until Sugar is older...they truly believe we sit and wait for them to call us. Some days I wonder...

Janet said...

LOL! I am so glad I not the only one who likes her space. My MIL complains all the time now that they have both retired - Old Boy gets under her feet all the time! Haha! Sorry for you Corey, but you have Sugar Bear to make up for it! What a honey she is!

Autumn said...

Oh how I know what you mean. When husband worked swing shift or graveyard I hardly saw him. Now I actually have to make dinner for him... I know.. MAKE DINNER! The nerve. LOL
Oh how I wish I could still pretend play with Bug. He caught on to my pretending to play not long ago and now he actually expects me to get out of the chair to play catch.. sheesh. LOL :)
Hang in there and have fun this summer! said...

hehe...she is having so much fun!

Melissa said...

LOVE the photos of Sugar!

Aunt Julie said...

When I was a SAHM, my Hubby would come home and ask, "So, what did you accomplish today?" Not cool, Joe. Those shots of Sugar in the dappled sunlight are just precious!

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Word for word, I agree. lol! I do love your playing tactic and use it quite often myself. Hahaha!

Great shots Corey, as always!

Christina said...

Corey, thanks for your honesty that life is not all peaches and cream! I feel the same way. I honestly go crazy when hubby and I are home together for very long! I too feel smothered.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely an adjustment when you're thrown together that much. T and I have discussions ahead of situations like that where we make a conscious effort not to get snippy with each other. It's certainly not 100% effective, but we've both noticed that it cuts down on the irritation.

Do carve out some time for you and enjoy your vacation!

Tabitha Blue said...

Love that photo series... and I can't believe how old she looks!! WOW!!! She growing up right before our eyes. I had to get some outdoor time today as well... it definitely helps keep the head on straight.


mrsmouthy said...

Ooo! Some of those pictures would be fun in all b&w except for Sugar.

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