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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wishing She Were Here


I've been busy living our summer life. As you may have noticed, the schedule of posting is sporadic, and I'm surely less predictable these days. THAT is how my life is right now. I'm never really sure what we'll be doing from moment to moment, and your guess is as good as mine as to whether I'll get a post up on the ol' blog.


Tonight, as I sit waiting on a recent project to be finished, I am lonely. It is an odd feeling for someone who usually feels a bit smothered this time of year. Usually, an evening to myself is something I long for after a day of meeting every one's needs. However, tonight feels different. Actually TODAY felt different.


Sugar Bear is off visiting her Grandparents at the farm. I left her there last night, and will fetch her on Tuesday. This is not a new thing. Such visits happen nearly every month, and while I usually miss her.....I never seen to feel empty without her. At least not so soon.


Today.....tonight....I'm wishing she were here. I miss her little voice asking me to play with her. I miss her sweet smile, and boisterous laugh. I miss admiring her beautiful soul as she cares for the things she treasures. I yearn to snuggle up close, and feel her breath on my neck. Sugar is by far the best person I have ever known, and tonight I feel her absence.


I wish she were here......


....and when these photos were taken. She asked me if wishes really do come true. It was a tough one to answer, but I think I instilled in her the importance of HOPE. She turned with a smile, and skipped away saying, "Good! I wished that you would never grow old, so that I could always snuggle you!" ♥


I wish she were here!

11 Live It or Love It:

Janet said...

Ah! What a sweet precious child! You are so blessed Corey! I know the feeling! When Stacey had to go away and visit her Dad I used to get the awfully empty feeling! Now she's grown up, there are different things I miss when she's gone! I can STILL hear that little voice "Watcha doin' Mummy?" They are so dear! Enjoy your alone time - she'll be home soon! I love those photos and her little comment about wishes coming true - she is a special little girl to be sure!

Lindy said...

Tuesday is almost here! I'm w/ Squidge 24/7 and whenever I leave her for a couple of hours, especially if I'm driving, I'm always looking in the rearview mirror for her. LOL it always scares me half to death for a millisecond when I see she isn't there!

Donetta said...

Hello Cory
It is a good thing for you to have time to miss her and for her to miss you. I remember the startling realization when my daughter did not miss me for the first time. I learned that it was alright not to miss me for she was confident and secure able to enjoy the moment right where she was at.
You too can enjoy this moment in time right where you are at. Help yourself to let go and know that it is alright not to miss her a little while. Gain that center. It will teach her that confidence you have within you that you are alright. She will need to know that you are alright. Otherwise is is far too easy to become enmeshed. Knowing where you begin and end will give her that example too.
Dove is at the pre-teen age and the separations that occur naturally would just be a torture if the earlier lessons would have been left unattained. It is still a bit painful, but it is so right and so good for Dove to gain her independence. I was codependent to my mom and it was very hard to gain the right to my own life as I grew. I always felt guilty like I was not meeting my moms needs.

Donetta said...

The gift of reaching out. Reach out to those who are around you and who care for you.

Berta said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm sorry you're missing her so! Mine all ALL GONE . . . not a good feeling - BUT, that's what 'motherhood' is all about - CHANGE!

Lovely pictures and heart-warming thoughts.

Jeanette said...

She'll be home soon enough :) Enjoy your me-time... go and have a massage or do something else that you can't normally do with her around

tommie said...

Those are precious photos!

I have yet to let the kids spend the night anywhere!!! Granted it is a six hour drive to the closest grandparents...but still.

Leah said...

Know that feeling! Beautiful pictures.

Marcelle said...

I can understand that you would miss her, but as a grandparent I know that they are treasuring their time with her and that Sugar is loving grandparents time as well.

I miss and long so much for my doesnt get any easier for me...
But....I have had to learn to cope.

Love the photo's, the green so such a lovely mad about green at the moment...weird how I go through stages when it comes to color.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way. I left Vincenzo at his grandparents' house last night and even though I spend nearly every minute of every day playing with him, I never feel like I need a break. It's hard to share! But it's good for everyone.

Christina said...

Total sweetness! You and SB make such a great team. :) Yay for her coming back today!

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