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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~ What's all the screaming about?













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15 Live It or Love It:

Tabitha Blue said...

Yum, yum, yum!! Everyone needs a good ice cream break!!!

Sorry I've been so slow in visiting... I've missed you. SB already looks older to me!


just another mother said...


Christina said...

she makes chocolate look good! of course, that's not saying much - but heck, she makes everything look good!

Unknown said...

I love the lighting in these Corey! She's beautiful!

Red Lotus Mama said...

Great series and excellent lighting!

Happy WW! My boyfriend took me on a surprise trip to Barcelona. Check out my photos:

catsynth said...

Great photos and narrative.
I can almost taste the ice cream!

Sidnie said...

Precious pictures!
I love watching little ones eat ice cream!

annalarssonphotography said...

Fantastic pictures!!!
The lighting are perfect - pure pleasure to see your art!

Have a great day :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Lovely girl and shots.

kayerj said...

I scream
you scream
we all scream


Killlashandra said...

Now that must have been some tasty ice cream! Nice lighting too. :)

Newlyweds Guide Francesca said...

As a fan of the ice cream myself, I really appreciate these COOL (pun intended) photos. Delish!

Maude Lynn said...

Oh, these are cute!

You can really see the resemblance between the two of you in those first three shots.

Will said...

They are cute, but that is just about the cleanest face on an ice cream cone eater that I have ever seen!

Happy WW!

Marcelle said...

Besides YUMMY that came to mind - my 2nd thought was ....*Wonder how many points that is* hehehe, its so in me to think about points...LOL
Stunning fun pics of my favorite blogger girl enjoying herself.

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