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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~ Spent







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20 Live It or Love It:

A.M.I.N.A said...

Wellcaptured!Happy WW!

Joanna said...

I love these shots. They are almost mysterious, like theres a story behind this old car. Nice job.

Autumn said...

Awe, hang in there girlie!
Great pics by the way, only you can make wrecked old cars look good. :)

Momstart said...

These are great, there is a lot of color in those pictures

Christina said...

Isn't is amazing how something that seems so desolate and "ugly" at first glance, can also be filled with unexpected beauty? A good metaphor for life, actually. You capture it so well.

miranda said...

Love these pictures, they are really awesome!

Danielle said...

That car has seen better days, hasn't it?! Great pictures. Here is my Wordless Wednesday!

Unknown said...

These are beautiful...I love that you captured a flower in most of these too!

kailani said...

I wonder what it looked like when it was brand new.

Janet said...

Oh I love photographs of old cars! Nice Corey!

jams o donnell said...

A superb study of redundancy and decay. As ever your photos are superb

Aspiemom said...

Your pictures are taking on a little morbidity, here, Carrie. I prefer the shots of the wildlife around you, scenery, your little sweetness (SB).

Hope things are looking up for you.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

You found beauty in these clunkers. Nicely done.

Susie said...

Great shots!!

Deb said...

Wow, that's one old car! I love how well you captured it though - can't wait to hear the story behind these photos! :)

Beth Cotell said...

Wonderful shots...I would say that car is definitely spent!

Gayle said...

I bet you'll have a good story to tell us about this old beauty.

Jeanette said...

Very cool! Love the first shot

Becca said...

Awww poor car :(

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Beautiful series of photos! I love the third and the last.

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