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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A bit of Kitty This and That

Day 43
(The first rainy day we had in a long long long time.)

Day 44
(Kitty waiting in line for dance class to begin.)

Day 45
(Spent a great deal of time at the copy machine, preparing for a training I'd be conducting.)

Day 46
(This time of year, the needles seem to cover everything I see.)

Day 47
(Kitty helped The Sugar and I carve our first Jack O' Lantern of the season.)

Day 48
(Wash wash washing day.)

(Kitty was pretty flattered that we made a kitty Jack O' Lantern.)

There you have another week in the life of Kitty (and Corey). I am soooooooo very behind in posting these. I will be posting another week of photos this weekend. This project is still a joy, but it is becoming more of a challenge, which is actually a good thing. What fun is it, if it doesn't make me stretch my imagination?

8 Live It or Love It:

TuTu's Bliss said...

I'm loving the last one the most! Hugs, Jen

Christina said...

Yay, more kitty! Your creativity continues to impress me. LOVE the photocopy one. Is Sugar very involved in the project with you?

Angela said...

I love the xerox machine shot! So creative.

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Janet said...

What a lucky Kitty - he gets to see so many interesting places!!

Marcelle said...


Congratulations on the comment you left in my blog...wonderful!!!xx

Tabitha Blue said...

It sure seems that kitty is always having a blast... what a fun life she has!!

Anonymous said...

Ingenious. I'm impressed kitty photocopied his/her entire self rather than a choice body part more prone to photocopies...

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