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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How do you spell "KITTY"?

If you have been following along on my Kitty Project, you'll know that it started WAYYYYYYYYYY back in September, as a month long project. However, it just didn't feel complete as the month came to a close, so I decided to go for another month. Here we are several months later, and I am still going. I have NOT committed to a whole year of KITTY, but I am willing to say that it isn't completely out of the question. I've been enjoying this project so much, and have learned a lot about myself, and my life along the way. It has, no doubt, been a blessing in my life.

Here is the second set for December. If you remember, I am plodding my way through the alphabet this month.

Day 100
(I is for ICE. We experienced several days of frozen weather. Everything froze. This was in the bottom of a bucket, I loved it combined with my Christmas lights.)


Day 101
(J is for JIGSAW. Sugar Bear and I LOVE puzzles.)


Day 102
(K is for KISSES....or Krazy-eyed Korey. tee hee)


Day 103
(L is for LENS. Oh how I love my 100mm macro lens. sigh....♥)

Day 104
(M is for MAILBOX. I have always enjoyed picking up the mail each day.)


Day 105
(N is for NECKLACE. I have been making some of these fun necklaces lately. So fun!)


Day 106
(O is for ORNAMENTS. Each and every ornament on Sugar Bear's means something special.)


Day 107
(P is for PRESENTS. I can it NOT? tee hee)


Day 108
(Q is for QUILTING supplies. I could spend hours in the fabric store. It is a darn good thing money doesn't leave my wallet easily, or I'd need an entire room in my house for all the fabric I'd buy.)


Have you ever spent your days with a single letter in you head? As you go about your life, you are constantly seeing everything in the form of which letter it starts with. Now THAT is an interesting experience. Go on....try it.

9 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

Hoping to start my own "kitty" project Jan 1st. We'll see how it goes. I may start with the alphabet..sounds fun.

Janet said...

Stunning idea! I do hope you had a good Christmas break! My favourite is the icy bucket!!

TuTu's Bliss said...

I second Gayle, the ice is fabulous!

TuTu's Bliss said...

LOL! I mean Janet ;)

Aspiemom said...

Very cool project and pictures!

Tabitha Blue said...

Your kitty project is always so much fun. And I just love your big beautiful blue eyes!! Hope you have a wonderful New Year!!!

Christina said...

Another wonderful series! I think you've got a bunch of people hoping for a full year of kitty. ;o)

Marcelle said...

Guess what I got today!!!!!!!!!!
Your card and Christmas letter....THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Hubby brought it to me today ( am in hospital, not sure if you have caught up with blogs as I know u said you were taking time off from reading )

Love the smaller pic of Sugar, got it next to my bed, it makes me smile whenever I look over and see it next to me.
Will put in my purse once I'm back home.

Thanks for remembering me when you sent out your Christmas Cards.
Very special indeed.

Chris said...

I should be taking cues from your little project for my own -- some days, inspiration just runs dry.

Keep it up, I think you should go for the whole year.

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