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Monday, December 7, 2009

Sneak Peek

Not because, I have anything to hide....but only because I have a book calling my name, and not near enough energy to edit pictures, and post a proper blog. We are currently having record low temperatures in our area, and this photo just warms my heart ♥.


Now off to try to warm my toes in some wool socks and about 11 blankets on my bed. BRRRRR..........

5 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

Not only does that photo warm my heart it brings such joy to my heart.
Keep warm...
Its going to be a cold week next week for us, still waiting for the snow.

Tabitha Blue said...

It does mine too!! Such a sweet photo all around. There's nothing wrong with doing what we can to stay warm :)

Autumn said...

It's insanely cold!! I couldn't live in an area where this is the norm. Love this picture... stay warm!

Susie said...

Warms me up pretty well too, thanks Corey! I think that cold air of yours is headed our way tomorrow.

Christina said...

I just have to ask - what are record lows in your neck of the woods? We are COLD here,, into the 20s at night and we had snow last week, which is unheard of in TX!

Hey, what are Sugar's favorite board games? I want to get a few for Nadia for Christmas, and I have a feeling you'd have some good input. :)

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