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Monday, February 15, 2010


-He is an outdoors sort of guy.

-He can fix nearly anything that's broken.

-He can create nearly anything using some wire, a toothpick, a rubber band, and duct tape.

-He loves to try new things.

-He likes to show Sugar Bear how to do the things he loves.

-He doesn't have many fears, but the ones he has, he isn't afraid to talk about them.

-He makes the most amazing breakfast burritos I've ever tasted.

-He isn't afraid to cook with BUTTER....lots of butter.

-He tells me every single day how lucky he is to have ever met me.

-He still thinks I am the most beautiful person he knows.

-He calls me on the phone, "just because", nearly every day.

-He makes the BEST spaghetti in the whole wide world.

-He can make me laugh like no other person I know.

-His giggle makes me feel happy inside.

-He secretly likes "chic flicks".

-He is a kid at heart. ♥

-He isn't afraid to be himself in all situations.

-He knows his limits.

-He has unbelievable physical strength.

-He has an extremely high pain tolerance.

-His smile lights up his face.

-He isn't stingy with his money.

-He'll work diligently towards something he wants until he can get it.

-He refuses to use credit.

-He can be counted on to finish a job he starts.

-He'll pitch in if someone needs help.

-He'll do the difficult things no one else wants to do.

-He could survive in the wilderness with nothing but a pocketknife.

-He isn't afraid of death.

-He does what he wants.

-He loves bunnies! (tee hee)

-He likes it when I read aloud to him in the evenings.

-He trusts me.

-He's been my Valentine NINETEEN times.

8 Live It or Love It:

bBchronicles said...

This is SUPER-SWEET! Congrats on 19 Valentines Day together - that's a major accomplishment in today's world. VERY COOL!

Janet said...

Oh what a lovely post today! He sure is a special guy! 19 Valentines Day's - that fabulous! Congrats!

Marcelle said...

i as so so touched reading this, found myself ahhnig and ohhhhhhing and getting goosebumps.
Sugar Babe is so lucky to be growing up with a mom and dad like the two of you....

Autumn said...

That is so so sweet. I hope you read this too him. He is one lucky man to have you in his life. <3

inkyblog said...

adorable Corey - he is a keeper for sure :) cooking with butter alone but the rest of the list? adorable!

Christina said...

:o) that is simply the sweetest, Corey! sounds like quite the guy you've got, and we know he has quite the gal.

Just Jinny said...

This is beautiful and refreshing. You know I LOVE seeing and reading all about SugarBear but sometime have a hard time relating.

All I have is my husband and we have an amazing relationship, so this post hits me right in the heart.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Awwww sweetie that was so so lovely. And you deserve someone just like that. Sighhhhh.

(And Sugar looks such a monkey in the sassy shirt, hee hee. What are our girls like? :D)

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