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Monday, March 1, 2010

Crafty Tuesday~ My Girl Rocks Another Modern Tie Shirt


Oh yes....we made another Mod Tie shirt from the pattern I tested for Jessica over at, Happy Together. It is just a fun project, and Sugar just loves wearing them.


I have had this fabric since....well forever. I think I purchased it 5 years ago for $1 a yard. I didn't have a plan for it, but loved the pinks and purples.


The fabric I used for the sleeves and the waistband came from a women's T-shirt I got at Good Will for $1.

Since I had some of the fabric left over, I decided to make a skirt to go with it. I'd been wanting to try a bubble skirt for quite some time. I loosely followed THIS TUTORIAL from Ruffles and Stuff. it was really quick and easy. I did, however, underestimate the length I wanted the skirt, so it is a bit short for my taste. Her undies would show when she bends over, so I paired it with the leggings as well.


Now isn't she just the cutest little model ever?


Honestly, I love the shirt with the leggings, and the leggings and bubble skirt with a plain pink shirt better than the whole group together. I think the fabric might be a bit too busy or something.


While I am feeling more and more at home with my sewing abilities, I still need some work on my fabric selection. It really is an art to choose the right fabric for each project. I have room for growth in this area, for sure.


I have been feeling so torn these days. I have way too many projects I want to take on, and I have so many photos to edit, blog posts to write, books to read, and I am like WAY WAY WAYYYYYYY behind in my digital scrap booking. There are simply not enough hours in the day, especially when I spend 10 or more of them away from home.


Sunday, we had a pretty good time getting these shots. I enjoyed seeing my sewing project finally complete, and Sugar enjoyed some quality time with her scooter. It has been raining here for a month straight, (or so it feels) so some outside time was good for our souls.


You can buy your own pattern RIGHT HERE. It is a totally fun sewing project with so many fun possibilities. Sugar isn't the type of girl who has favorite cloths, but she seriously loves these shirt. The stretchy band around the waist is her favorite part.

11 Live It or Love It:

Janet said...

Wow! You're doing pretty well with all that sewing! Nice work and what a precious model! :)

Unknown said...

Another fab job! I think you are so talented! Your pictures always take my breath away. I'll have to share this on my blog for sure!

April said...

I love what you come up with when you sew!!! You are indeed gifted at it!

I agree there are not enough hours in the day!!! I have images of doing all sorts of fun crafts, sewing a quilt someday and such, but I am starting to think that will be a while down the road before I will be able to do it all..I think that is about the time that I hear the phrase from Little Women in my head, "I could have been a great many things." I sit back and figure out what I am supposed to focus on now and worry about the other things later. For now...I am just focusing on photography while I look forward to potentially trying other things along the way. Blessings on you along your journey!

Lisa said...

Soo cute!

Christina said...

the outfit is cute - the girl is aDORable! I especially love those last two shots.

Deb said...

Oh that's adorable! I love the shirt with the leggings or the skirt and leggings. You are so talented at sewing!!

I'm looking forward to warmer weather coming up - both so the girls can get outside to play and so I can work more on taking better pictures again. I just haven't figured out low-light or flash stuff yet. I know how you feel being so torn though - I'm trying to knit a lot right now and it's so hard to sneak in time for that along with everything else. :)

Cheryl said...

I wish I could sew. These are too cute! Your model is especially adorable!

Jeanette said...

Man, you are clever!

Marka said...

Another neat outfit! Interesting how long fabric waits for the ideal project to come along before it gets used, eh?

Jen said...

I am so with you....there are not enough hours in the day. I have WAY too many projects that I want to do and not nearly enough time to do it. The outfit turned out so cute.

Marcelle said...

she IS the cutest little model ever!!

Well done on the outfit, I have never sewed anything in my life time.

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