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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's Dog Gone Good

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive. ~Gilda Radner

Sugar Bear has always enjoyed our Black Labrador, Daisy, but in the past 6 months, I'd say their relationship has become it's own. There is much affection shared between the two of them. They have a true connection now, and a fierce loyalty. It is now that I realize how vulnerable this leaves my darling Sugar Bear.


The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too. ~Samuel Butler, Notebooks, 1912

Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails. ~Max Eastman, Enjoyment of Laughter

I am now so very aware of the loss she will feel if something were to happen to her Daisy dog. Lucky for us, Daisy is only turning 4 this coming May, so hopefully (with fingers crossed) we won't have to face the sadness of her passing for quite some time now. I know you might be reading this and wondering why I am focusing on something so very awful, but is getting serious between these two girls.

Look at this love....this affection....this devotion.


My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue. ~Author Unknown

I'm not afraid to admit that we have learned a lot about being a good person from our dog. She is always happy to see us, even if we left her at home to go to the beach. She doesn't hold a grudge, and accepts our attention when it is offered. She meets us where we are at, and doesn't expect us to be with her....she is just content being with US.

If we are in the bathtub, she won't expect to be invited to join, she just lays down beside it, and waits for us to finish.

When we are playing a board game, she doesn't expect to play as well.....she just finds a spot right near us, and watches with interest.

While we lie in bed, snuggling, and reading our evening stories, she doesn't barge in between us....she just lays quietly by the bed and listens along, and as I creep from the warm bed, leaving Sugar in her slumber, Daisy sometimes chooses to stay, and sometimes chooses to go, but always seem SURE in her decision.

There is ease in her love.....and trust....and faith. She doesn't waver. It is a love that Sugar Bear is starting to really treasure, and is recently showing signs of reciprocation. It is beautiful. The other night, it dawned on The Hubby and I that while Daisy will always be OUR dog, she is quickly becoming HER dog. It scares me a little seeing Sugar's heart out there in the open like that.

And then I have to remember that sometimes love HURTS. does.


and THAT'S okay...Cause if we don't risk getting hurt, we will never fully live.

P.S. That last photo cracks me right up. I mean seriously......that is some pretty crazy loving going on there, now isn't it? Gotta love it! ♥

P.P.S. I'd love to hear about your experience with your children, and their love for their pets. It is such an amazing thing to witness this fierce loyalty.

9 Live It or Love It:

Unknown said...

Those pictures are precious! We are thinking of getting our daughter a dog for her 3rd birthday this summer.

Christina said...

That sounds like Nadia with our kitty! They just love each other something fierce. When Nadia was gone last weekend, Blackie kept looking for her and "asking" me where she was. So sweet! Sugar and Daisy are a beautiful pair.

Gayle said...

That really is a touching post about Sugar and Daisy. It's good that she is able to bond so fiercely with the pup. My kids not so much. I don't think they are growing to be fierce animal lovers like I thought they might.

Janet said...

Oh my! What a precious love! And important in learning life's lessons! Its a special relationship - forever!
Thank you for your kind comment yesterday! xx

Denise said...

I absolutly love, love, love that first pic of Daisy!!!!!! I have one with my Meggy. Can you even believe how they can smile? Boy does it show through in that pic. My nephew just loves his doggie now. WE have been trying to teach him to be gentle and respect his puppy. I look forward to them spending many years together. They both love each other so much. Pets teach us so much, don't they?

Autumn said...

Oh how I love kids and dogs. When we got Rocket our Dachshund people really thought we were crazy. I heard "Those little dogs are not good with kids" They didn't know my kid and they didn't know my dog. They are like siblings these two, they play, they fight and they love on each other too. I understand your worry about when the time comes and Daisy dies. I clearly remember the death of my first dog and the subsequent dogs that followed. It hurts but like all great loves, it's worth it to have lived with it.

Aspiemom said...

A family dog is so special. We've had one for nearly our whole marriage. They are heartbreaking to lose, but it also helps children in that it prepares them for a loss later in life (ie grandparent, etc.).

I love all of the pictures, but that last one cracked me up.

Marka said...

aye, we can learn much from animals, especially domesticated ones. Your daughter will treasure these moments and photos for years to come.

Sue said...

Kids or adults...we all feel the loss of a pet. I can't imagine life without our furbaby. But we will survive, same way I survived my childhood pet's loss. I had never felt so sad and hearbroken but after time I still have those wonderful memories.
Enjoy it all as you said.

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