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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Week 42


July 17th I returned home from shooting a wedding, and was greeted by my sweet kitty, Toby. He will be turning 11 this week. He has been my little buddy for such a long time. I like this picture because it is totally Toby. He only likes to be held when it is HIS idea. He wasn't really enjoying this photo shoot. I used my remote shutter to grab this shot for my 52 weeks of me project.

July 18th was a rainy Monday in July, but it was a good day. My dad came back down to my house to start some work on our property. It was annoying that it rained, as it made a bit of a mud mess out of my yard, but I was really glad to get this project going. Unfortunately.....after about 1.5 hours, I got a call that halted all progress. We needed permission from a local Indian tribe to continue to dig. Bummer. We spent the rest of the day trying to locate our septic tank. Good Times!


July 19th was a day at home.....and I can't remember why. Darn it. That's why I can't let too much time go between taking the pictures and posting about them. I do know that this was the first day we tried out our "balloon animal kit". Boy oh boy.....that is fun. A little frustrating for Sugar to try to hold them and twist, but she does like making the faces on them. oh wait...I know why we had to stay home....the archaeologist was coming to our house sometime that day. Yeah....that was why. She came....and cleared us for more digging.


July 20th I went to work, and Sugar Bear went to day care. That evening....we went for a bike ride together. It was a glorious summer evening....just how we like it. :)


July 21st, papa, my day returned to resume the property project. This time Sugar Bear spent some time with him in the backhoe. It is always fun to be Papa's little helper. He got all the work done, and it looks great.


July 22nd was another day at home. I had a summer cold, and just didn't feel like going anywhere. We whipped out a new board game, and had some fun. It is called Mystery Garden, and it is a fun game. It is helping Sugar with her ability to ask questions to narrow something down. It's fun!


July 23rd The Hubby, Sugar Bear and I went to the beach. It was windy....I mean MAJORLY windy. Like 25 MPH wind. It was cold, cold, cold!!!! The Hubby and the dog played with a training toy. Sugar ran around being a kid, and I took pictures of it all. As we wandered down the beach I noticed something near the edge of the water. It turned out to be about 2 dozen long stem roses...some white...some red. It was a beautiful a really sad sort of way. I'm sure someone set them to sea in memory of someone who passed away. It was emotional to see them rolling in the surf.

1 Live It or Love It:

Jen said...

That last shot takes my breath away. It is beautiful in so many ways.

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