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Monday, December 19, 2011

My Week 63


December 5th was quite a day. I'm not certain if I have shared here on the blog some of the trouble we started having with Tiny, our mini horse, this summer. She is in the process of becoming a mare, and she has been a bit of a stinker about it. She wanted to be the boss of the yard, and took to really being a bully to Sugar Bear. There was even a biting incident that ended with Sugar being really afraid of Tiny. We made the hard decision to give her to a new home. We didn't have the time to give her what she needed, and she was really lonely. On this day, they came to get her, and took her to her happy new home. She has horse friends and is feeling so much happier. We are relieved to have our yard back, and Sugar feels safe.


December 6th found us at home in the afternoon, as Sugar Bear had a mild cold which led to a low grade fever. Since we were home, I figured I make the most of it, and go out and take some snaps of the frosty world around us. We have been having some really cold cold cold nights and days. It has been so unusual for us. I love this strange ice formations I found in some loose dirt.


December 7th was a day at home, as Sugar still had her fever. We had to make a quick trip into my work, but then spent the rest of the day relaxing. I did some knitting. Sugar Bear grabbed this shot of my hands for my 52 weeks of me project. I'm a week behind in this project and feeling icky about it. I am almost done. I can't quit now. Argh. I am, however, excited about this knitting project. It is a gorgeous scarf for......ME! :)


December 8th found Sugar Bear still a bit under the weather. I had so much work piling up at work, so I left the Sugar home with The Hubby for half the day while I tried to hammer out some paperwork. When I got home, we put up some of our outdoor Christmas lights. I adore outside lights. So fun, and pretty.


December 9th brought Sugar back to school, and just in time for my work Holiday party. :) I wasn't feeling like myself (was getting sick), so I just sat back and watched the goings on. Several folks had fun working on Holiday cards. I usually love that sort of thing, but just didn't have the energy.


December 10th....ummmmmm was a saturday.....and I......well, we........dang it. I can't remember. Sigh. I do know I took this shot of more of my outside lights. I thinking we decorated inside the house.....and whined about being sick.


December 11th was Sunday....I think there was more whining.'s likely. I did find time to play with my camera and some fun Bokeh. :) We put up our christmas tree. It is so pretty, but I haven't taken a normal photo of it to prove it. Sorry.


4 Live It or Love It:

Jessie said...

Sorry about the horse. That stinks but at least you found it a good home. That ice shot is amazing! Of course I love me some holiday bokeh. Lovely week Corey! Happy Holidays my friend!

Jen said...

I hope you guys are feeling better. I am so sorry about Tiny. It sounds like you made the right decision though. I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!

Autumn said...

So glad you found Tiny a good home. If you ever want another equine who doesn't bite I have a sweet mini donkey... ;) I know you told me last year how you create that super cool Bokeh with hearts and trees... but can you remind me? I want to give it a shot.

Gayle said...

Sorry to hear that you've both been sick. I've been so busy I haven't checked in on my favorite blogs. Hope all is better now. Sorry, to hear about the troubles with Tiny, but glad you were able to find her a good home. That is never easy to do. I hope you get out of your blogging funk in the New Year.... holidays are tough as they are so busy.

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