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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Week 80


April 9th was......ummmmmmm a Monday. Yup....that's all I remember. I have no idea why we were outside by our Walnut tree, or why I snapped this particular shot, but I'm glad I did. I can never get over how grown up my girl is getting. sigh........


April 10th was a busy Tuesday, but there is always time for a quick stop by the library.....which is where I found this tiny, delicate flowers. I love to take photos like this because most people walk right by this teeny tiny little wonders with out even thinking twice about them, but like to remember to look closer at the world around me. When I do....I'm never disappointed.


April 11th was clipping along nicely....until I got a phone call from Sugar's school saying that she had a rash?????? and suddenly she vomited while we were still on the phone. I rushed out to the school to find her feeling quite a bit better, but still rashy. It looked like hives to me. We went home, and I gave her some benadryl. She felt so much better, and we spent some sunny time with the baby bunnies. That particular activity can heal anything.


April 12th started with good health, or so we thought. Soon, Sugar was covered in HUGE, HORRIBLE hives. I could have posted a hive shot, but I chose the one of Sugar waiting to see her doctor instead. At this point the benadryl I gave her had finally kicked in and the hives were retreating. We are unsure of the cause but I know I'm hoping they never come back. They were awful.


April 13th was FINALLY Friday! whew......Sugar was able to stay at school with only some minor hives appearing. The doctor had her on benadryl for the day. She felt fine. I got some much needed work done, and we were both so very glad to get home, and spend more time with baby bun buns! :) These darn bunnies are so adorable.


April 14th was a busy sort of happy day. Sugar was hive free! woo hoo......and we spent the morning observing, and loving on some new babies in our house. Baby quail. Don't ask......I have no idea why we have them. The Hubby just does such things. They are darn cute though, and Sugar Bear is in love with the runt. His/her name is Pip. :) Later we attended a really fun birthday party for a little classmate at the local bowling alley. Good times.


April 15th brought Sunday to us much too quickly, but we made the most of it. We attended yet another classmate's birthday. This was at the park. The weather was overcast, but doable. I nabbed this shot of Sugar playing on the park equipment. She enjoyed some fun active time with her friends.


woo hoo....I'm all caught up! That feels good.

5 Live It or Love It:

Jen said...

It does feel good to be caught up. Those bunnies and baby quail are too, too cute. My kids would have a fit!

Susan said...

Glad the hives went away. LOVE all of the babies! The brown bunny almost looks like a cottontail. So cute!

Cheryl said...

I love that last picture of Sugar at the park. All of them are great but that one is my favorite. Glad the hives have retreated.

Arizaphale said...

Ummmm...I hate to mention this but...rabbits can often cause allergies! I hope the baby bunnies aren't the hive culprits :-(...cos they are SUPER cute!

Gayle said...

Sorry to hear about the hives, but glad Sugar is better. Spring with all the new animals and plants growing.... it's such a fun time. Enjoy!

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