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Monday, July 16, 2007

ARGH! The Slowness....Is KILLING Me!

I just can't take it any longer. The slowness in my life. I am a born multi-tasker. I simply can not just do one thing at a time. I must be doing 2-4 things. I MUST! If I am on the phone, I am also cleaning house. If I am watching TV, I am also crafting (knitting, crocheting, etc.), flipping through a catalog or magazine, or on the computer. If I am on the computer, I am doing at least 3 things at a time. I am always editing pictures, and usually on the Internet. I could be doing 3 things on the Internet alone. I HAVE to multi-task. I HAVE TO!

The slowness is killing me. I am currently venting about the computer thing. My computer has decided that having..oh say....100,000 pictures on it makes it extremely unhappy. So I am constantly in the process of backing up on CD, then putting them on an external hard drive. It is a long slow process when your computer is unhappy in the first place, but adding like 300 pics every other day makes it hard to keep up. Another great joy is that half the time my CD burner decides it is on vacation and won't work. ARGH. I purchased more RAM, and for awhile it really seemed to help, but lately, my computer is so slow that I could SCREAM! I find myself clicking from one thing to the next over and over and nothing is loaded up.

That brings us to the INTERNET! Apparently I live in the sticks. Some sort of annoying person or committee has decided that rural folks don't need high speed Internet. Ummm THANKS! I appreciate that. I have resisted getting DSL or Satellite Internet for quite some time as I suffer from a fear of spending. However, last week, I finally had enough of this slower then slow dial-up. I decided that if I reduced our cell phone plan, and cancelled the long distance on our land line I could re-allot that money towards higher Internet costs. I started making some calls, and geez freaking'd think I lived in Antarctica. NO DSL offered in my area, and get this...all the satellites that serve my area are FULL! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! How can this be?

So here I sit tonight...frustrated beyond compare, because I can't edit pics, play on my photo message board, and my baby board, and read blogs at the same time. WHY ME????? Is it a sign I should be cleaning house? Say it isn't so!

Okay, my totally aimless rant is over, and you can expect to find my usual chipper self back tomorrow. It feels better just having let it out.

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Laura said...

Awww, sorry about the frustrations with DSL, etc.! I'd imagine that would be quite frustrating for a multi-tasker like yourself! *hugs*

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I feel your pain, mama! I have a crazy need to multi-task, too.

I can't believe you can't get DSL OR SATELLITE there! That's an outrage. Any hope for it becoming available in the future?

Lauren said...

Oh Corey, you crack me up!! Sorry for the slowness. It would totally irk me as well. I can't using my sister's dial-up computer. I'm just not patient enough. I hope your area gets DSL soon!! :-)

Di said...

Somestimes it's better to get it out!! Hope that it helped!! I haven't got near the 100000 photos mark yet but am such a computer no-knowledge that I will have real problems if I ever do....

Anonymous said...

I have to multi-task as well. How can the satellites be -full-?

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