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Friday, July 20, 2007

Four For Friday

A little late, but at least it still is Friday here. I have been struggling to find computer time these days. Unfortunately, I am still battling some of the same issues I had at the beginning of summer. Oh well...I am surviving.

Today I'd like to focus on Four things Sugar Bear loves about the beach. When I am talking about the beach...I am talking about the west coast....and towards the north. 90% of the year not only a jacket is required but a stocking cap. It can be cold cold cold. The other 10% of the time, you can wear a t-shirt and long pants. tee hee....yeah baby...good times! Here are four reason's my girl has recently found to love the beach!

1. Chasing birds. You may recall, that I have a nature girl on my hands. At the beach it is no exception. The girl loves to experience the wildlife. As the rest of us sat on our hiney's eating lunch, Sugar Bear entertained us chasing the seagulls. This was a day that fit into the 10%.

2. Flying a kite. This was on a fair day. We still needed a sweatshirt, but it was pleasantly breezy instead of full force gale winds. Sugar Bear enjoyed flying her Dora Kite very much. I have to admit, I smiled to much that day my cheeks hurt.

3. Running into and out of the water. The poor girl has to find a willing victim to accompany her though, as mama just can't handle the freezing water. Seriously, after like 3 minutes your feet have the icky stinging feeling. I am not a fan, but my girl loves it. This day, her cousin K was a great sport, and Aunt A followed suit. I didn't mind hanging back to take pictures. :)

4. General running around and exploring all the sights and sounds. She loves to find rocks and shells and throw them back into the ocean. She enjoys running, hopping, and climbing on the drift wood. Certain days, all she wants to do is explore the dunes and tall grass. To Sugar Bear it is obvious that there just isn't anything a girl shouldn't experience while at the beach.

5 Live It or Love It:

Amanda said...

Great pics! I totally can't imagine that kind of beach - living on the Gulf Coast!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Yeah, like Amanda, I simply cannot fathom putting a sweatshirt on in July. I would love to visit and experience that!

Gorgeous shots of Kenna, as always. The second one on number two is my fave! D also loves her some kite flying. :)

Laura said...

Those are beautiful! I can almost feel the cool, crisp air!

And you reminded me that we SO need to get Maya a kite! :)

Donetta said...

Your daughter is so beautiful and sweet. I love the heart of your images. How wonderful to see the both of you celebrate life.
I was born in Tacoma. I think you must be up there in those stomping grounds. Enjoy you day!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures!! Sweatshirt in JULY! Wow!!

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