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Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Reason To Celebrate (Part One)


Recently, our day started with the words, "Well, are we at least having cake, mama?" After a short pause, I simply answered, "Only if you help me make it, baby!" With a smile and a giggle, we trotted off to the kitchen together.


Sugar Bear is an excellent helper. She has been "mama's little helper" many many times, yet she had never had the privilege of helping make a cake, so this was SPECIAL! I'm pretty sure you can tell from the expression on her face. The joy radiated from her soul.


The task quickly went from "special" to "EXHILARATING" when I allowed her to crack the eggs herself. She took this job VERY seriously.


She took great care in cracking the egg, and carefully pulling the shells apart.


She quickly learned that it isn't as easy as it looks...


...but it certainly is FUN!


Once the batter was thoroughly mixed, I allowed her to taste the batter. Yes....I did! I threw caution to the wind, and just prayed that Salmonella would not strike my Sugar Bear.


It took me back to the days as a child when I would get the honor of licking the beaters. Sigh....good times!


Sugar didn't say, but this might have been her favorite part of helping out. What do you think?


Now we have to let it bake......oh the waiting....and the waiting....sigh....Did you know 3 year olds aren't too fond of waiting? Huh.....who knew?

19 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

I have that same mixer! My Olivia (3) and I do this often. She's been my little helper since she was about 1 1/2. Lucas (2) likes to help as well. Of course, their favorite part is licking the bowl. You take amazing photos. I should really read the manuel of my Canon EOS 30D so I can take good photos, too. I'd love better ones of the kids. Nice to see Sugar Bear with a big smile! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! Pooh Bear LOVES to help bake too and thinks it's the best thing in the world.

Beth Cotell said...

I love that she is baking in her pjs! be three again...footie pjs and licking the beater. Good times!

Anonymous said...

Corey, she is to DIE for- I hope the cake worked out well. Ricky loves to help in the kitchen too! :-)

Unknown said...

Oh, she's so sweet baking in her jammies! Love it. And the cake looks yummy!

Aunt Julie said...

I love the photos--especially the expressions on Sugar's face! BTW, got a Great New Giveaway going on over at my place, to commemorate my 100th post--please stop by!

Autumn said...

So cute! I love her little pj's! I'm pretty sure I know what that cakes for!;)

Anonymous said...

Bug's favorite parts are cracking the eggs and licking the beaters, too. We always lick the beaters in our house. I did it as a child and I never got sick so why should I have all the fun.

Oh, and we always seems to cook in our pjs. Just yesterday Bug helped make apple pie wearing blue camo footy pjs. lol

Hope your cake was delish, just like Sugar!

Anonymous said...

I had been ready doom and gloom political posts, and this was just the simple happiness I needed to see. If only I could be three again too. Thanks for sharing!

Christina said...

Nadia has helped me bake lots of times - but I've never let her do the eggs! You are brave! She looks so darn cute perched there in her pjs, her face overflowing with joy. Ahhh, good times.

AnnD said...

That last photo is just great! She always makes my day better!

holly said...

oh i so miss licking the beaters. this looked so fun. jeeez the minute i lose the rest of this weight i'm so going to make homemade cookies. OH OH OH ! i have a whole pile of healthy muffins they'll love making. some have zucchini! chocolate zucchini! they'll never see the healthy goodness coming, masked by chocolatey goodness! mu hu ha ha ha ha!

Jaimie said...

Oh what fun she had!! That is gonna be such a special memory for her Corey! I love it when my kids help me in the kitchen and they feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment whenever we finish a cake or bake some cookies! She is the cutest as always, thx for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a great time! She did a wonderful job. Makes me brave enough to let The Bean perhaps have a go at the eggs the next time we're cooking!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Part Two!!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate covered beaters and footie jams -- doesn't get any more fun than that! ;)

Those are some precious and super cute shots, Corey!

Deb said...

Hmm, yes I do think that it looks like Sugar was having just a teensy bit of fun with that cake! ;)

I absolutely love the last one of her licking the beater - awesome shot!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhh that brings back memories. I need to cook more with my two. I may get them a cookbook from santa. :D

Michelle said...

licking the beaters is the best part! and you're photos sure captured the thrill of that!

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