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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Remembering Summer

If you have been around my blog for awhile, you might be wondering what is up with my posting all sorts of summer photos recently.


It surely isn't that I am yearning for summer, as fun as it was.


I am just getting caught up on some photo editing.


You see, in the summer months, I take photos nearly everyday. There is absolutely NO WAY I can keep up with the editing.


Then Fall and Winter comes, and I pick up my camera about once a week. It is during this time, I go back into my computer files and pull out the forgotten photos.


It is fun to rediscover the joys of time spent together, even when one of us wasn't feeling well.


While our love is able to pull the smiles out of the bleakest times.


Seeing the exuberance in exploring.


Smiling at the ever changing emotions.


The pouting lip I hope to never forget.


Reminders to stop and smell the flowers...


And clutching my bursting heart while gasping in awe of the beauty she beholds.

Excuse me, as I drift off to sleep......Remembering Summer!

13 Live It or Love It:

kat said...

Simply adorable. Looking at these pictures makes me really miss summer.

Rebekah said...

Those are beautiful pictures. She is so adorable. MY favorite is the last one though

Anonymous said...

Summer is way too short, eh... I don't think anyone minds what season you post when you have your Sugar in them! Terrific shots!

Cynthia said...

I was just thinking how big Miss Peach is...and now I look at Sugar Bear, and these were summer pics...They are both sooo big!

Laura said...

Corey, these are seriously some of my very favorites EVER of your pictures! Just gorgeous.

Tabitha Blue said...

Ohhh, I totally agree... I have a whole file of photos called "Need to edit" LOL. It just gets so fun to snap away... and these are too precious. I love the pouty lip. Such a pretty girl you've got!!!!


Anonymous said...

what absolutely beautiful photos!
Hope it's not too cold there yet.

Christina said...

I am loving all your summer photos! Funny thing is, the weather here now is probably about what you enjoy during the summer months. ;o) I adore all the fields of flowers around you. And I adore the pouty lips - cuuuute!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics and especially the pouty one!

Anonymous said...

I love the last one the best. You can tell something wonderful has caught her eye and the floppy flowers are perfect.

Killlashandra said...

It's nice to summer photos, especially as it's been raining off and on again down here. I love all your pictures of her with the flowers. Although I think the one of her standing in the field with the old barn behind her is my favorite. Makes me think of Stacy's theme about storytelling this week. :)

Kim said...

I love those pictures. So sweet!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Keep sharing them sweets, they're lovely. :D

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