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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree.....


The day after Thanksgiving, our little family took a fun trek into the woods around where we live. The Hubby was set on getting us a fabulous Christmas tree. I also had the fun idea of getting a little one for Sugar Bear's room. My own father used to get my brother and I a little tree for our playroom. I have such fond memories of that little tree. I so wanted to pass on the tradition to my little honey.

Sugar Bear was extremely excited, and after a L O N G drive she was eager to get out of the truch and look high and low for the perfect tree. I think she doesn't quite have this Christmas stuff down just yet.....because it if were up to her, we'd have a Manzanita bush decorated in our house this year. tee hee


Soon we found a little tree just perfect for Sugar's room. I'm not sure who was more thrilled....her or I?  I actually think it was the Hubby, because his idea of perfect, and my idea of perfect differ incredibly.

Once we made it home, I set to work figuring out a little stand for her tree.  My Dad had always used a bucket with gravel in it.  I had neither the right size bucket, nor the gravel, so the Hubby cut the bottom of a recently used up bottle of bleach, and I filled it with sand.  The big rock is from my "rock collection" (don't ask), and it was neccessary to keep the tree from tipping over. 

Sugar and I quickly fell smitten with this tiny tree.  Once it had it's lights on.....our hearts nearly burst with the Christmas spirit.

I let Sugar Bear pick out several ornaments from our collection.  I urged her to pick light ones, since her tree wasn't all that strong.  It took some trial and error, but she soon figured out that the light ones really were best.

I found it adorable that she was soon whistling/humming a Christmas Carol while she hung the ornaments.  The cuteness was nearly reaching critial levels. 

In the end, it certainly turned out fabulous.  What a lucky little lady, huh?  I mean a tree in your cool is that?  (quick safety notice....I do not leave her tree lit after bedtime.)

This particular ornament is a favorite of mine.  My Aunt made for me ummm......10 or so years ago....or maybe...more like 13 years.....but who is counting?  It is a blown egg with paper mached wrapping paper on it.  

My horrible memory keeps me from remembering exactly who gave me this guitar ornament, but it has been a favorite of Sugar's for a few years.  

Lastly, I wanted to show the cute porcelain ballerina given to Sugar a few years ago by her Great Grandmother.  It is posable, and delightful on her tree.

Here is the tree later that night with her advent presents under it.  This is a new tradition I started this year.  I wrapped up 25 Christmas/Holiday/Winter books.  Some are from last year, some are new, and some are new to her (Goodwill).  Each night after getting on her jammies, Sugar Bear gets to choose a present, open it, and then we snuggle in bed and read it together.  

This little tradition quickly became a hit with us both.  No matter how hectic the matter how disconnected we were, we come together each night to share in some Christmas Magic....

...Magic that keeps on giving each night of this wonderful season.  

Yes, I have read to my Sugar each and every night of little life, but this has been different.  There is so much anticipation to see what book we'd get each night.  We have delighted in the variety it has brought to our nightly reading routine.  No ruts this month.  

Like no other time in her life, have I found myself lingering even LONGER by her side after she has settle down to sleep.  I quietly lay there in a peaceful state, and feel truly grateful for my perfect gift.  


13 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

Loved the story - watching how from the ground it ended up all beautifully decorated in your home...the joy on your daughters face....wonderfully captured!!

Anonymous said...

How very clever! I love the book idea :)

:) said...

What a joyful post that really expresses the true meanings of Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I love her little tree!! And that blown egg, paper mache ornament...LOVE that idea!!

Anonymous said...

That is as pretty a tree as I've ever seen and I think it would still be even if it weren't so perfect because of the love and joy surrounding it!

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh, that is so sweet!!! I love the story that goes with it as well... and what a great idea for the presents!!!!! That is such a great idea!!!!!

...and every night! Wow, great mom!!


Autumn said...

What a great idea with the advent books. I'll have to keep that in mind for next year!

Meghan said...


I love this whole post. And, I adore those close-up ornament shots. Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect tree for her room. She did a great job decorating it!

I love the idea of the 25 books for Advent. I may do that next year! The Bean would love it!

Donetta said...

Hello Sweet Lady, How wonderful a time your having. I am so happy for you to enjoy these days to the top!
Love the idea of the books. I would of liked to do that. We did a stack of Christmas books. Now they are out in a box somewhere. org.
What a pretty little tree.
The blown egg is a cool idea. With my tiny chicken eggs that would be cool.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I love that little tree Cor, and what a fantastic tradition you've started. I'll have to try to remember that for next year.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute little tree for such a cute little elf! ;) A positively lovely tradition, Corey!

Christina said...

Your little tree is just darling! And so is your little elf. :o) )is it just me, or does it kill you to see how loooong and lean she's getting?)

LOVE the idea of wrapped books - we got Christmas books from the library for every day this month, but wrapping them is so much fun!

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