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Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo Hunters~ Favorite

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Sitting at my computer night, searching through my photo files, I ran across some photos that I haven't shared on my blog, but every time I see them it is like my soul is awash in rainbows and kittens.

They certainly are not fabulous photos, and can't possible even be considered my best work, but they do bring some of my FAVORITE memories to the forefront of my mind.


I took these photos this past summer, laying on my back in our tent during our family camping trip. I have fabulous memories of that particular trip....such fun was had, but these photos mean so much more. I have seem this familiar sight many times in my life. You see, my FAVORITE camping past time is laying in the tent, on a sunny afternoon, lazily reading a good book until I fall into a soul nourishing nap. As I lay on my back, I often glance out of the tent windows, and see this sight. It appears that the netting of the window lends a dreamy look to the scene at which I am looking. I find peace in the shade of the tent. I listen to the sounds of nature, whether it be the flow of the water in the nearby creek, the wind blowing through the trees, or the birds singing to each other.


This past summer, I was delighted to share my
FAVORITE peaceful indulgence with Sugar Bear. We lay there taking it all in, listening to the river flow over the rocks, and fell into a blissful sleep.....together.

Thank you for coming by my blog this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

18 Live It or Love It:

Anonymous said...

Most times only the photographer herself knows what happens behind a picture :)

Anonymous said...

Such photos of nature surely shows calmness and true, you knew why you took it, thats all that matters...I can feel the silence looking at your photos.

Phoenix said...

I think my favorite shots are ones of nature! Thank you for sharing these! :)

YTSL said...

Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend! :)

jams o donnell said...

Even if you do not consider them your best work they are still fine shots. But then you are an excellent photographer. Have a great wekend

Leslie said...

I love your choices for favorite for this week. :) SO peaceful and serene. :)

CRIZ LAI said...

Well... those photos sure showed some peace and tranquility in your area. :)

Anonymous said...

favourite memories is a nice approach to the theme...
my favourite memories - when i was doing things that make me happy. :D

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite memories from the summer are from the camping trips I took, so I understand your sentiments. My favorite is attached to an important event in my life too.

By the way, I love your header image for your blog. It is a great picture for the theme of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Terrific post! Sometimes we can't get a shot of a good memory but you did an excellent job of conveying such.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Ah, lovely. I know what you mean about being in the quiet, surrounded by such beauty. Really nice post.

Happy Photo Hunters! I did mine, too.

I hope you have a spare moment to see, and leave your link.

Meghan said...

I'm feeling all lazy and dreamy just looking at the beautiful trees and sky in those pictures.

Anonymous said...

I love camping and I can totally understand your photos. Can't wait for summer to go camping again.

Cynthia said...

Makes me feel's so cold here...brrrr!

Gayle said...

The sky is such a rich blue, and the memories are priceless. Great description, I could feel the warmth of the sun and softness of the bed. I wanted to snuggle down!

PastormacsAnn said...


Tabitha Blue said...

Oh, sounds like a perfectly blissful time!!!! What a wonderful memory and time to share together!


Anonymous said...

wow i love those pictures they would look great pictures on the wall

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