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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Such Delight and Joy

I meant to post this yesterday for for Photostory Friday, but let's just say, I was EXHAUSTED!  I found myself waking up next to Sugar Bear about an hour and a half after I put her to bed last night.  I drug my tired self off to bed, and only briefly lamented my missed post.  Life was as it should be.  So much fun and good times that you fall completely tuckered out into bed with a smile on your face.

We had a great Christmas here in the Living and Loving household, and hope you did to.  During dessert on Christmas night, Sugar Bear exclaimed, "This is the BEST Christmas of my LIFE!"  Now I call that a success, don't you?

Being that exhaustion is still with me, I will just go ahead and post these photos as I originally intended.   I took these photos with the intent of showcasing the other Christmas outfit I made for Sugar this year.  I am often asked how I get so many good photos of my darling little honey, so I thought I'd share a bit of my process I took on these particular shots.

I started by just asking Sugar Bear to stand next to the house.

Then I said something silly to her.

Then asked her to show me a silly face...

...knowing all the time that it would make her smile when I laughed.


This is often the process I go through to get a nice genuine smile out of her, and it works well....But sometimes when I am really silly with her I over shoot my mark.....




...and I get the opportunity to forever capture just how wonderful life is!

Have a great weekend!

15 Live It or Love It:

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh, Corey, you've outdone yourself!!! Those photos of SB laughing... they just pull at my heartstrings and put a smile on my face! Isn't it sweet how photos can do that. I can feel that emotion with her, it's so natural!! Love it!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE her silly face. She's too cute.

I know what you mean about being plumb tired! I slept so hard last night and probably would have slept a few more hours this morning if I hadn't had to get up. Something about a good day seems to make you sleep better I guess.

Deb said...

What an awesome way to see exactly how you end up with so many of the amazing shots of Sugar that you have - she's got such a gorgeous smile and you can see how truly happy a child she is. You capture her so very well.

I hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas! :)

Rose said...

I love that outfit and those expressions! I'll try some of your technique, the only problem is my camera technique is not always on spot!

Love the rolly polly penguin too! Merry Christmas, hope it was wonderful!

Marcelle said...

when every I look at your posts I alwaysw smile...
What a lovely daughter you have to photography...
I am very envious, wish I had a subject to capture daily.
Love the outfit and all the different faces...
Happiness is what she glows.

Maude Lynn said...

The outfit is adorable. I wish that I could sew like that!

And, I will definitely be trying the photo trick!

Christina said...

Yes indeed, she certainly is wonderful!! And you captued it just perfectly. You guys are a great team!! Such real, honest emotion!!

Anonymous said...

Very very cute!! Love the second last one!

Aspiemom said...

I love the shots of her laughing! They are great!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Yaaaaay. Happy Christmas lovely Corey and little Sugar. So glad it was wonderful. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

What a little cutey! Great images!

Anonymous said...

She is sooooooooo beautiful. I just love her face and her expressions and her whole aura!

AnnD said...

I loooooooooooooove them! I love her laughing!!!! What am amazing, amazing job!

we are reilly said...

LOVE it -- I was chuckling when I saw these photos -- that good, deep chuckle you have when something is really cute and original....THANKS!

Susie said...

That smiling/silly/laughing Sugar Bear is one contagious critter! AND the dress! i am grinning ear to ear;)
WOW. yep that about sums it up!

I love the idea of falling into bed exhausted with a satisfied smile--it is now one of my goals for '09.

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