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Monday, December 15, 2008

This Mama Doesn't Waste Postage

Several weeks ago, I found myself in desperate need of some uninterupted sewing time on a beautiful Saturday morning. I was working on a pair of Christmas overalls for Sugar Bear, and really hoped to get them finished in time for a Christmas Card photo shoot. Sugar likes to "help", and I often let her, but at this particular moment in time, I wanted to be able to concentrate. I got the bright idea to grab up some toy catalogs, a piece of white paper, little scissors, and some glue. I set Sugar Bear up as the table with all the supplies, and proceeded to explain how much fun she could have cutting out pictures of toys she liked and gluing them on the paper, to make a fun collage. Sugar Bear embraced this idea and set to work.

Meanwhile, I set to sewing. About 20 minutes later, she brought me a perfectly covered collage. She pointed out all the toys she had lovingly glued to the paper, and explained each one. I was delighted, but really hoped to have a few more minutes to myself. Luckily, she then asked for an envelope. Being the ever thrifty person that I am, I had been saving a few "junk mail" envelopes for awhile. I had always figured there'd come a day when Sugar might want to play "business" or something, of the such. I quickly fetched her an envelope and her markers. She busied herself for about 10 more minutes, then appeared at my side announcing, "I'm mailing this to Santa, mom! How do you spell Santa?" With a heart that was beaming, I spelled out Santa for her, but she didn't write anything. "Maybe you should write it mom, so the mailman can read it." You see, she had already sealed the envelope. I took her little letter, and wrote out S A N T A on the front. Sugar Bear's excitement was hard to contain at this moment. Doing a pretty funky happy dance around the room, she requested a stamp. Well....this mama is cheap thrifty, so I grabbed some stamp-like stickers from the craft drawer, and she was delighted. Running to grab her coat she yelled out, "Let's go mail it NOW!"

It was at this moment when I realized.....she is really doing this thang, and I needed to grab my camera. I was a bit sad that I had already missed the opportunity to photograph her actual letter, but that didn't mean I couldn't document the event just the same.

Soon we were outside, and on our way. I requested a quick photo or three of her holding her letter. She was happy to oblige.

The excitement grew, as we discussed how thrilled Santa was going to be to get her letter. She was talking a mile a minute about her letter, and how happy it would make Santa. On the inside, I was moved by her innocence.

Off we went down the driveway. I held back so that I could capture her descent to the mailbox, but she insisted on waiting for me.....albeit a bit impatiently.

Finally, I convinced her to go on ahead, and I'd follow. I have to admit that as I observed her little frame huffing it down the drive, she seemed to age right before my eyes. Where has my chunky little baby gone? Sniff...sniff....

Per usual for this time of year, there was mud to maneuver around, and wishes that she might have worn her boots instead so she could have partaken in some serious mud stomping.

Finally we were at our destination. She looked up at the mailbox, and lamented her need for help. As big as she appeared in many ways, she still felt so small.

With a little encouragement, she reached as high as her little tippy toes would allow, and found success.

My heart skipped a happy beat when I saw that precious little hand deposit her letter of trust, hope, and magic.

With determination, she wished her letter safe travels, and sealed the deal.

With an extra little shove for good measure.

Walking on air, hand in hand, we made our way back to the comfort of our home together....all the while, her melodic voice recounted the events of the last hour as if I hadn't been there. With a gleam in her eyes, and a skip in her step she said, "Let's call Grandma, she will NEVER believe it!"....and so we did.

12 Live It or Love It:

AnnD said...

Your posts always make me want Emma to be just a year or two older so I can experience all of this stuff with her. All in good time I suppose!!! I love your posts!

Kristi said...

Times like that make a person really believe there is a Santa Claus in a red coat up at the North Pole. How could you deny such a thing in moments like that?! How did our girls grow up SO fast???

Autumn said...

It's so funny because before you even wrote it I was thinking "Where did baby Sugar go?" I can't believe she is almost four! I loved how you described the experience, it's one to treasure.

Gayle said...

Very cute trip to the mail box. Olivia "wrote" some Christmas cards the other day plastering them with stickers. I took her to the PO to drop them in the slot, and she was quite proud of herself.

Rachel said...

Corey, that's priceless!! So cute!!
She's going to treasure those photos when she's older, as will you!

Maude Lynn said...

This is absolutely precious! I so wish that I had taken a series of photos like this with Baby Puppy!

Christina said...

I can well relate to that feeling of frustration when a distraction just doesn't last quite as long as we'd hoped, and I love it that it didn't prevent you from realizing the magic of the moment. You still enjoyed it and you still captured it so you - and we! - can enjoy it forever. What a sweet memory. I always love pics of SB, but the ones of her waiting for you so (im!)patiently are just darling!

tommie said...

That is too cute! She looks so proud.

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh that is just so sweet!!! What a precious time and memory together. And she really is getting big!!!


Anonymous said...

How awesome! The Bean mailed her first letter to Santa this year too.

Sigh.....I'm not going to say it. You already know.

Marcelle said...

This was such a beautiful post...well done!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhhh that is lovely. We did a sticky Santa's letter this year too. It's just so adorable.

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