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Monday, May 4, 2009

And the Winner is.......................


I am soooooooo sorry for the delay. I know you all are biting your nails with anticipation. tee hee (come on...I've gotta hope.)

Sugar was please to stir the bowl of 20 names.....all the while asking me WHY she was choosing a winner.....


and What For?????? Believe you me.....she could not find the thrill in winning a picture by her mama. It was beyond reason, but she obliged and very slowly, and carefully picked out one slip of paper....and the winner of a FRAMED photo of their choice is......


Woo Hoo! How exciting. Kim, from I Speak Beanish, is our winner. The best part...she just closed on her first HOME this past week. I so thrilled to imagine one of my photos gracing her new home.  I'll be in contact with you, Kim, about how to go about choosing a photo.  

Now....because Sugar was having such fun picking out the slips of paper, I went ahead and let her choose out two more.  The two readers will have the option to choose one of my photos, and I'll send them the digital file for them to print out in the size they would like.  I know...I know....I'm all generous like that.  tee hee

So......the "sorta winners" are:


Aspiemom, of Then Am I Strong.  She has had a hard week, and could use some love.  Her son had a really terrible fall from a waterfall, and broke his foot very badly.  I'm thinking of her.



Bryce's Momma, from Pattons Place.  Her son....oh just have to see his smile.  

I'll be in touch with both of you regarding the process for choosing a photo as well.  :)

Thank you all so very much for being a part of this blogging journey.  You have blessed my life.  

Life is GOOD!

7 Live It or Love It:

Aspiemom said...

WOW! I can't believe I WON something!

Ryan had a night-terror around 1:30AM and I couldn't get back to sleep afterward (like he could!) so I decided to get on here a little-bit and play catch-up.

Those pics of SB with the bowl are so cute! Wasn't all that exciting to her, was it???? That's funny.


Melissa ♥ Spoiled Mommy said...

Woo-Hooo....congrats to the winners! How exciting!

Autumn said...

Very cool! Congrats to the winners.

Marcelle said...

congratulations to the lucky are they - now I'm back so wont miss out on these fun events..

Christina said...

Congrats to the lucky winners! SB was a great helper...the next Vanna White??

Anonymous said...

Oooooo, Corey! I'm SO excited. Oh my goodness...that means I have to choose don't I. That's going to be tough!

Thanks for a great prize!

Bryce's momma said...

YAY me! Kiss, Kiss, Kiss! (for Sugar Bear) Tell her that I will pay her later. lol. YAY me! (Oh! already said that) I am stoked and I don't really liked the word "stoked". Thank you, I am very grateful! Can't wait to figure out how you want us to chose. I haven't even begun to look at all your stuff. Yay me! I guess that I should quit cause I am starting to sound like a broken record. If it is any consolation, Bryce has fallen this week too. Like your first winner, he has his first big boo-boo on his knee and chin, then today he fell and busted his lip. I was standing right beside him both times. Darn! That learning how to walk well. He is such a champ! Thanks again, Corey! You made my week! I LOVE YOUR PICS!

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