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Friday, May 29, 2009

Photostory Friday~ Lying down on the job

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If you are paying attention, you might notice that this week, it appears I have lying down on the job..... A LOT. THREE posts in the last 5 days have featured photos taken from a VERY low perspective. This post is no exception. 

I have been feel a tad on the GRUMPITY side for the last two weeks. I am well aware of the reasons and it's affects. I am honest about it, and hope that it will soon go away. 

This has left me feeling sort of glum about my photography, and in an effort to liven things up, I challenged myself to "take it lying down."  I know that sounds funny. You'd think I'd so the exact opposite, but instead, I have forced myself to lie down and look at the world from that perspective. 


These photos of Tiny, our mini horse, was a perfect opportunity to mix it up a bit. See that animal from an angle most do not. Not only did I find it amusing, so did Tiny, and Sugar Bear. It really wasn't as easy as it might appear. Tiny seemed to come towards me quite quickly, and be TOO close before I had a chance to get a nice shot. Let's just say, I spent a great deal of time lying in the grass that day. 


Then we have the recent silhouettes. I found it really sad, that I had not attempted one of these shots since the summer of 2007. In an effort to drag my photo boredom off of the couch, I found myself laying in the grass again, looking up at Sugar on the picnic table, and Sugar on the deck railing. You see, everywhere I turn there are mountains. There are pluses and minus' to such mountains. I really do love their beauty, but they also hide a few things like beautiful sunsets, and wide open sky. To achieve a photo with only the sky behind the subject, I must lay on the ground and look up. Even the failed attempts required this position. While I found nothing to funny about these attempts, Sugar Bear still mustered up some giggles about mama laying on the ground so much.


The flowers in this post grow in abundance in my front yard. I love them, I have tried often to get pleasing photos of them, but have failed to capture them as I would like. They have such frail stems, and sway in the most gentlest breezes. This makes it difficult to get a nice clear, close up shot of them. However, this day, as I lay in the grass looking up at them, I found a simple way to make the photo something special. If not for my "take it lying down" challenge to myself, I might never have discovered it. There is a reason for everything, my friends. Even a bad case of the "grumpies" has a silver lining. 

8 Live It or Love It:

Angela said...

Hope you feel back to yourself soon! Loved the silhouettes, old and new.

Gayle said...

You are always so rational...even about being grumpy! lol Hope you have the happy's soon!

Christina said...

Once again - your words of wisdom strike a chord for me. Thanks Corey! Oh, and yes indeed - taking it lying down really did make these flower photos into something special! Oh my, the light....

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Everything looks different from that perspective! Way to challenge yourself!

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh, these are so pretty Corey. And that 'lying down' angle worked well for you!!


Grace {Formerly Gracie} said...

Maybe a bad day... or fourteen is good every once in a while. Great pics.

Secret Agent Mama said...

Oh bestill my flared heart!!

Ryanne said...

I love taking things from all sorts of
different perspectives. Sometimes it is just the cure we need! These are wonderful pictures!

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