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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tell Me Thursday~ Oh how she must love me


For Wordless Wednesday, I posted SEVERAL photos I snapped of Madame Sass when she was here. She must REALLY love me, because it was cold cold COLD at the beach that day. it is cold at the beach most days, but this was definately not nice. It was REALLY windy, and oh my word......the water is always a nice temperature of 54 degrees F, which is about 12 degrees C. EEEEEKKKKERSSSS bejeekers that is cold. There just aren't words to describe how it makes your feet feel. There is the initial shock...then the sting....then the biting ache, and finally after FOREVER it all just goes numb. Good Times...I'll tell you. You won't catch me with my toes in that water but once every few years.

However, I somehow convinced Madame Sass to play along. SHE MUST REALLY LOVE ME, cause it had to suck.







July0209_0310e4by6w this had to be horrible....but look at her fake smile....sigh....♥




Thank you, Madame Sass.....we all have to give a little for our art. You were a trooper.


This was a wonderful learning experience for me. The time of day and weather conditions GREATLY affect the results. I also don't like changing lenses at the beach, so these were all taken with my 50mm. A zoom would have been nice. These did not turn out at all like I expected, but I love them just the same. I think it is because of the model though. ♥

9 Live It or Love It:

Janet said...

They are gorgeous. I love the one with the rock in the background that looks like a sharks fin. What a pretty girl. I can see the coldness in some of the photographs! She must love you a LOT! :)

Gayle said...

You are a wonderful photographer. The photos from today (and yesterday) are fantastic. Some sweet, young and innocent..some a bit provacative for a budding young woman. So much she can do with these photos. I wish I would have had you around when I was here age and looked half-way decent. Nicely done.

Beth Cotell said...

I think these shots look great - like they should be in a magazine. Well done1

Marcelle said...

You made the poor girl sit in the cold water...shame on you!!!!! hehehe
Very brave girl to do this for you in that weather!!
Stunning photo's love the red dress, I took photo's of my sister on the beach in a long dress, must show them here.

Becca said...

They are all really great photos! She really must have gotten used to the water or something cuz she looked happy :)

Danielle said...

She looks beautiful! She must really love you if it was that cold. I remember the beach in Washington State where I grew up. It was always so cold!

Cheryl said...

She's beautiful and so are the pictures. She must be a good faker because I would never have guessed that she was freezing!
~Crafty Mom

david mcmahon said...

Like you, Corey, I would NEVER change my lens at the beach.

Anonymous said...

You can definitely tell that's Oregon. I'm so sad we're missing our annual Seaside trip this year. :(

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