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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hope you have a PURRRRfect Thanksgiving!

Sincere wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving to YOU and YOURS! We are delighted to be spending some quality time with family over this holiday weekend, and taking the time to relax, and enjoy all the many things we have to be so very THANKFUL for.

If you've been following along, Kitty has been exploring reasons to be thankful this month. What a wonderful experience it has been. While I rarely have trouble coming up with something to be thankful for, I do find it a challenge to portray it in a kitty image. This month, I have felt great growth in my project.

Here is another weeks worth of photos, and what a wonderful time to share. My heart is so very full of THANKSGIVING!

Day 76
(Somewhere along my lifespan, I contracted the virus that causes cold sores. If you have had the pleasure of a cold sore outbreak, you will greatly understand how very THANKFUL I am to have found a product that has kept me cold sore free.)


Day 77

(I never lose sight of how very grateful I need to be for these little feet. They carry my Sugar's happy and healthy little soul. She walks...she runs...she skips. Her body is not failing her, and for that I am utterly THANKFUL!)


Day 78

(Safe drinking water is something we often take for granted, but should be entirely, hands clasped THANKFUL!)


Day 79

(Seriously.....this photo says it all. That day, I suffered from food poisoning, and not only was I grateful for indoor plumbing, I was THANKING my lucky stars for adequate supplies of toilet paper!)


Day 80

(A reliable vehicle, and a beacon in the dark are things I find reassuring. THANK YOU!"


Day 81

(Not nearly enough can be said for safety. I am exceedingly THANKFUL for the knowledge, the intuition, and the tools that keep me safe from harm.)


Day 82

(Okay, so I know I'm not alone here is saying that I am always THANKFUL for a good nights sleep full of sweet, sweet dreams!)


May your Thanksgiving bring many moments of JOY, LOVE, AND GRATITUDE.


11 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

Lovely every photo, so clear and such good lighting. I haven't picked up my camera since I left CT two months ago....
Hoping this weekend I'll get a chance as going to a Xmas market.

I'm thankful today that I found your blog.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, sugar and your family.

Tabitha Blue said...

LOVELY Thanksgiving list!! I'm glad you're feeling better, and it's such a good reminder of what to be thankful for! I loved seeing this journey with you and kitty!


JC said...

Hey... happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Best wishes, always :-)

Tanya said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Loved your list!!

Mel :) said...

Love it! Love the photos & your creativity. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

bBchronicles said...

I LOVE the adventures of kitty! Seriously, you need to do a BLURB BOOK of his/her adventures. Adorable.

Anonymous said...

I always love to see what Kitty has been up to :)
I just finished looking through all of your Camera Critters ~ LOVED every single one of them! Being a huge animal lover myself, I will be looking forward to seeing future Camera Critters :)

I'm so glad I found your blog through SITS!
Hope you have a great weekend :)

Donetta said...

sweet post Corie good night sweet dreams

Tabitha Blue said...

Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!! And had a safe trip... wherever your travels may have taken you :)

Christina said...

you have done such a lovely job doccumenting your THANKFULS! I love your outlook on life, Corey - can you really be as positive about everything in real life as you seem online?! haha! Terrific photo concepts and execution. Oh, and I'm totally going to have to look for that Neosporin lip health stuff!

Unknown said...

what a fun, creative post! :-) and, of course, beautiful pictures!

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