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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thankful for Kitty

I know that some of you might have tired of this Kitty Project long ago, but I have decided to carry it on at least another month. To give myself a bit of a direction, I decided to give November a theme. Each and every day, I will capture a photo of Kitty that encompasses something I am thankful for. All too often we can find ourselves taking life for granted. I wanted to be sure to spend some quality time reflecting on the things I am so very grateful for. What better time, than November?

A few folks have asked me what I might consider doing with all these photos once the project is finished. I first intended on creating a 12 month calender, and I still might, but now that I have so many photos, I think I will create a photo book when the project feels complete. In an effort to get all caught up, here is the first 7 days of November.

Day 62-actually taken a day late because I forgot.
(So very thankful for blue skies.)


Day 63
(Thankful for creativity and unexpected results. This was taken about 10 minutes after the blue sky photo above.)

Day 64
(Extremely thankful for HEAT. I am always cold, and in the winter months, a heater is truly my best friend.)

Day 65
(Many of us are not thankful enough for having plenty of nutritious food in our refrigerators.)

Day 66
(Beyond thankful for my marriage.)

Day 67
(Giving thanks for the public library. More books than a person could ever read, and all for free.....seriously????? Whoever invented THAT.......totally deserves some pie!)

Day 68
(How can one not be thankful for time spent watching a child create her masterpiece?)


OH....and speaking of photo books. Head on over to I ♥ Faces and take a look at their "Favorite Faces of 2009" blurb book. Sugar Bear is on page 34. Tee hee....I'm a bit giddy.

7 Live It or Love It:

bBchronicles said...

Well, this is the cutest thing ever - I hope you're making a FUN blurb book out of Kitty's adventures!

Marcelle said...

Your imaginations is unbelievable, I come here each time and am always entertained. You are the best!!

betty said...

This is not only so adorable,it is so meaningful .glad I visited. This post actually played a part in my 11/15/09 merryheart post,so thanks.

Cynthia said...

I just love kitty;)

Christina said...

Nope, not tired of it in the least. I love getting my daily dose of The Kitty Project.

Autumn said...

I love the kitty project and putting in what you are thankful for makes it that much better.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, as always. I was just thinking it would be fun to see Kitty on the scale after Thanksgiving!

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