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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Team-Up Thursday~ Food


Hosted by Megan and Hip Momma

This week, Berta and I decided to focus on them idea of FOOD. I mean, who doesn't love FOOD? The possibilities are endless. Sometimes I start to worry that I'm really not doing the world of food justice with my limited array of things I cook. I watch the Food Network, and wish it was taste-o-vison. Seriously....I think a person could eat something new every single day of their life, and NEVER run out of things to try. It is my intent to try new things more often. I usually only try new recipes about twice a month, but lately, I've been doing more. It has been fun. Sugar Bear isn't as excited, but I know it is good for her to be introduced to new things.

I had such good intentions, this week, to grab a great macro of food, but life happened, and I was hit really hard with an ear infection. I spent most of the week in bed feeling sorry for myself. (yeah....I'm awesome like that.) I did happen to throw some ice cream at my woes on Sunday, so what better time to grab a shot of FOOD. Sugar Bear chose a "play doh" flavored ice cream cone. I have no idea what flavor it really tastes like, but it certainly isn't play doh. tee hee. I love the soft pastel colors of it though, and the words on the cone say, "Eat it all", and she sure did. It was a special treat for us. We rarely got out just for an ice cream treat. It was a special girl time moment. But for the record....while I had high hopes, it didn't make my ear feel better. I need to stop eating to solve my problems. It really doesn't work. FOOD is not the solution.
Berta's fabulous photo is totally what I imagined doing. it is full of colors, and texture. I love that about FOOD. So beautiful.


Head on over to Megan's blog to see what the other pairs are up to this week.

13 Live It or Love It:

bBchronicles said...

I'm pretty much loving these colors - funny how you crave that at the END of a long winter season!!!! Sure fun working with you!

HipMomma said...

OH my, that ice cream. That is surely one that my little one would get. Was it really called Play Doh?? I'm curious as to what actual flavor it was. Whatever it tasted like it photo-ed wonderfully. Nice match too.

stephanie said...

Oh, how I love those colors!!!!!

Killlashandra said...

The colors in the ice cream are just awesome, reminds me of rainbows and pots of gold and that st. Patrick's day is next week. ;)

Shelly at Aperture of My Eye said...

Ice cream is one of my most favorite things in the world, although I don't know if I could bring myself to try THAT flavor! haha. My daughter, however, would be all over that. Love the texture and colors!

Megan said...

the DOF in both these shots is perfect. and that ice cream? makes me want some even before breakfast!

Brooke said...

Love both pictures! I certainly hope you are feeling better.

Jen said...

My kids always pick those rainbow colored ice creams. We rarely go out for ice cream so it is always a big treat for us too. Too bad it didn't make your ear fell better. I love how the two photos work together.

Kimberly said...

"Taste-o-vision" - how clever. :) I wouldn't mind that myself.

Love the soft pastels of the Play Doh (cool!) icecream. And a food stamped with "Eat it all" on the side? Hey, I'm all for that!

Joanna said...

That ice cream looks bigger than life! We are huge garlic people at our house, so that looks just as good to me as the ice cream. I always think FOOD would be a fun theme because there are SO many things you could choose from. Great job this week ladies!

Unknown said...

OH that is great! the DOF, colors and the hint of expression that you can see behind it - great!

i love the dipy this week!

Arizaphale said...

Poor you feeling so rotten! Amazing you managed to put anything together at all:-)
Lovely colours in both shots.

Melissa G said...

Love the colors - the pastels and the bright produce are great together. And playdoh flavored ice cream? That is awesome.

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