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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to the grind, Kitty!

Day 350
(Had to step back into our working shoes this week.)


Day 351
(Waiting patiently....that's what Kitty does best.)


Day 352
(Held hostage by time......)


Day 353
(Kitty can make even a boring old hydrangea look pretty, right? tee hee)


Day 354
(Feeling like we've been run a truck.)


Day 355
(Sometimes internet computer games are a fun distraction.)


Day 356
(Chillin' at the neighbors house when they aren't home.....nice. tee hee)


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4 Live It or Love It:

Marcelle said...

HOW HOW HOW is it possible that one human can be so creative...
I have loved this kitty series as there is never a dull moment.
Well done.

Honey Mommy said...

These are so great! I love the first two especially. Kitty on the curb is so appealing!

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh how I've missed kitty... and YOU!! Sorry I've been so MIA lately. As always though, you are so creative and I think you'd be a hoot of a friend!! :)


Christina said...

And we STILL don't have the answer!! WHAT is happening with the kitty project now?!? I have loved every single day of this past year, your creativity is stunning!I especialy like work, time, and neighbors this week!

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