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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Team-Up Thursday~ Nature

Hey Folks! I'm lacking in words this week. I know that last week, I mentioned wanting to use my words on this blog more, but today isn't the day. I only have time to drop this bad boy on the ol' blog and run.

Berta set us to thinking about NATURE this week. While I took the very literal sense of the word with a photo of my neighbor's beautiful hydrangea. Berta did some rockin' "out of the box" thinking this week with her shot of a little lady whose NATURE is to be girly. I love it.


Please do head over to Megan's to find all the Team-up Thursday participants.

9 Live It or Love It:

bBchronicles said...

Yes, I KNOW THAT FEELING all too well - too busy to even 'think' / 'write'! I'm with ya partner! BEAUTIFUL photo - as always!


bBchronicles said...

Don't forget to LINK me!!!!!! Just 'one more thing' to have to do - sorry!

Stefanie said...

Both are such stunning shots.
I love the depth of field on the flower one.
Great job.

Rose said...

Both are beautiful and girly. Perfect match!

Kerstin said...

this shot makes me feel very warm around me - what a wonderful summer photo - brilliant colours and brilliant light and sharpness. Love your ideas every week "dreamteam" :)

Jessie said...

Oh, I love Berta's interpretation! Your hydrangea is beautiful Corey! Fun week for you both!
BTW - I came here via the link from Megan's - WTG!

HipMomma-MelodyA. said...

I was gonna commend you on the link from Megan's too! Doesn't take much to please us, huh? Great dof in your shot. I love that you two had different interpretations of your theme.

Jen said...

I love that you kinds interpreted the theme differently, yet the photos still go well together.

Megan said...

great colors -- i think i just said that on flickr:).

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