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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kitty on the GO!

Day 343

(I don't have a clue what I shot that day...or where it went.....still looking.)


Day 344

(Kitty loves to play around this hotel hair dryers.)


Day 345

(Oooooooo....good food at a hole in the wall cafe, with an old friend.)


Day 346

(Driving....all get home.)


Day 347

(Don't forget to water the plants, Kitty.)


Day 348

(Kitty found a shell at the river.)


Day 349

(We are seriously going NUTS!)


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6 Live It or Love It:

Lisa said...

That is EXACTLY how I eat my nuts too!
I immerse my whole face into the can...I find you get more that way.

Very cute!

Autumn said...

Kitty sure was busy that week! Working up to his impending retirement? Excited to see what you come up with next.

Marcelle said... the missing in action pic...first time you've done that in *nearly* a year..great going.

Loved this week addicted not only to Sugarbear but also kitty..hmmmmmmmmm not a good thing hey!!

Kimberly said...

Even on the go kitty manages to find time for fun shots. I'm envious!

Tanya said...

Corey I love your Kitty pics!! Cant wait to see what he gets up to next!

Christina said...

I find it pretty darn amazing that you made it until Day 343 without missing a single day! wow.

I just gotta say - 63 degrees. Dnag but I'm jealous.

I feel all melencholy that the bittersweet end of Kitty's year is almost here! You and Kitty have just rocked this, Corey!

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