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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Littlest Valentine

and she isn't so little anymore. :( big sad face from mommy. I don't know what it is these days....but I'm really feeling it. Feeling the loss of "my baby". While I cherish who my girl is doesn't mean I don't have the right to mourn the baby...the toddler....the preschooler that she was. I can miss that girl...oh yes I can. It doesn't have to mean that I like her any less as a 6 year old. It just means that I loved her every step of the way, and I miss all those tiny steps. ♥


Even when I look in the eyes of this oh so fabulous six year old, I can still see that baby of mine. I can still hear those baby giggles......and see those precious rolls of baby fat. sigh.....I look into those deep blue eyes, and I get lost in memories of moments that went by much too quickly.


Every single day, those eyes look back into mine, and tell me things I can hardly believe I deserve. There is complete trust in those eyes. She sees me....and KNOWS who I am. She isn't afraid to be who she really is, because she knows I accept her as she is.


It's the reflection I see in those eyes of myself, that reminds me that I can just be who I am, as well, because she loves and accepts me as I am. I am my true and authentic self when I am with her. I am my most at ease. I am me.....and she loves me. What bigger gift than that?


I love how simple life can be when I'm with my girl. I don't have to be anything other than who I am. Favorite times involve holding each other close and giggling until we can hardly breath. Giggling about absolutely nothing except for the pure joy that is coming from our hearts. Just knowing that LIFE IS GOOD!


I adore that her wants and needs are so easy to meet. A lollipop on a Saturday afternoon is enough to bring a happy thumping to her heart. And yet....she can spend 20 minutes in a store's toy section with me and ask me for NOTHING. Not a single thing. She delights in just spending some time looking and exploring. Knowing that she has ENOUGH at home.


I think that concept of ENOUGH is a big one. That feeling of contentedness with what we have, and not always yearning for MORE. It makes my heart feel proud that Sugar Bear has that in her life. What she already has....fills her up. Her life feels fair. It feels good. It is enough.


In fact...this large lollipop...well it was MORE than enough. She spent about 7 minutes with it...and was done. She knows her limits, and makes such smart choices. I could learn a lot from her. I do....and I can learn so much more. While she will always be "my baby".....she is indeed my most important teacher.

There is nothing more important than what I've learned from littlest Valentine. My Sugar Bear! ♥♥♥

p.s. I know some of you have been asking to hear more about The Hubby (my biggest Valentine). While I haven't written a recently about him, you might want to go back and read a post I wrote about him last year at this time. This is our 20th Valentine's Day together. ♥

8 Live It or Love It:

Jen said...

Your posts are always so inspiring to me. Happy Valentine's Day.

Donetta said...

oh I love that second one and the last one. Too cute
Hope your day is blessed with lots of little girl cuddles

Autumn said...

Awe, I think it's ok to mourn the baby, I do it all the time. I think when they start Kindergarten it ramps up those feelings. At least that did it for me.
I went back and read the post about your hubby. Such a sweet post, I love it. Hope he did something special for you today.

Jeanette Verster said...

She's gorgeous, even though she's no longer a baby :)
I do envy that she doesn't want toys when she goes into a toy shop... that's a dream of mine!

Marcelle said...

She is precious.....and such a beautiful Valentine's!!!

Christina said...

Oh Corey, I just adore the love and bond between you and that sweet little girl. I wanna be a mama like you.

Janet said...

Aaaaah Corey! I know EXACTLY how you feel ... my little girl is almost all grown up now and I STILL enjoy every moment of her! The sparkling eyes when her new "crush" calls, the anticipation and preparation for their Valentines dinner ... every step is SO special!

Lisa said...

Very touching post Corey and great images.

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