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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some BUNNY loves a BUNNY

A while back, one of our bunnies got sick. Not just ANY bunny....our favorite bunny. Oh I know we are not supposed to have favorites, but it is completely impossible NOT to love this bunny more than any other. She is a treasure.


Ocean, or as we almost always call her, Oh-sheeee, or often, Oh-shee Poh-shee Min Oh-shee, is Sugar Bear's bunny. She picked her out at a bunny show, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, our girl has good taste. She knew Oh-shee was the bun buns for her, and I'm glad I listened. Oh-shee is a delight. There is just so much to love about her. She is sweet, and funny, and chubby, and lovey.....and her fur is thick, and soft, and her ears are loppy, and long...and she often looks grumpy but she isn't. sigh.....♥.


So you can imagine that the meer thought of our girl not being healthy is enough to send this household into a frenzy. Everything seemed to be fine....until one day, I went to put hay in her cage, and she just didn't seem herself, so I picked her up...and oh my heavens...she was skinny. I couldn't tell just by looking at her, but once I felt her...I knew she had lost a lot of weight. Oh how my WORRY kicked on, and I took her inside for some TLC, and worry.....and ummm....watching. She was not really eating much, and she was not ummm....doing her business nearly at all. :( I may have spent an enormous amount of time that weekend googling rabbit ailments. I may have driven myself bonkers. Oh yes, maybe I did. Sunday night, The Hubby proclaimed that he would take our girl to the vet on Monday morning.....and he did.


Turns out....they didn't think there was anything wrong with her...but The Hubby insisted, and they pumped her full of fluid, saying that this would flush her system, and sent them home. oh...and charged $90, can't forget that, now can we? She spent a good deal of the rest of that day...and the next.... "doing her business", and she started eating more, and more and more. We kept her inside for about a week all together, and now she is back in her hutch outside, and doing well. I can not tell you how relieved we all are. :) We knew that we loved our Oh-sheee, but until this happened, we just didn't know how much. A lot....yes.....a lot.


This has pushed back our breeding plans a bit, and now we will not have baby bunnies ready to sell by Easter, but that is okay. We have our Ohshhhhhhaposhhhhhh. and we are happy. And so is she....even though...she doesn't look like it. She is smiling on the inside. ♥

7 Live It or Love It:

April said...

So glad that the bunny is better! I remember having favorites of our bunnies too, I agree yours looks like the perfect one!

inkyblog said...

awwwww she's soooo squishy and cute!!! i am glad she is better.... i was scared to read too fast incase it didn't end well :|

Christina said...

all's well that ends well! She is a cutie, that's for sure. chubby cheeks are cute on babies...and bunnies. ;o)

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh my goodness, what a little scare. She looks like the sweetest bunny... I just love those photos! I just want to squeeze that soft ball of fur!! :) Glad she is better.


Autumn said...

What in the world are you trying to do to me woman??? You just really want me to get a bunny don't you??? I'm on to you... tee hee.
So glad that she is feeling better!

Jeanette Verster said...

Really glad your bunny is OK. such a gorgeous creature!

Marka said...

Once again, all is well and right in the world, which is always good news and a comfort to the little ones.

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