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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Week 20

WOWZA...I had a week....not really sure how I'd describe it. It wasn't a BAD week. It wasn't a HORRIBLE week. It wasn't a GOOD week. It was a week. A week I'll likely never forget.


The first shot was taken on February 13th. Sugar Bear and I had a fun day at home together making the Valentines for her friends. I love projects like this. She was excited to give them out, and I was happy for her joy.

The second shot was taken on February 14th. It is the view when I looked UP in Sugar's classroom at school during her Valentine's Day party. It was a nice party, and the kids liked the Valentines we made. It was a happy day full of love and laughs. ♥

The third shot was taken on February 15th....the day I won't soon forget. I had to travel for my job that day, and it was really stormy. There was tons of rain, and intermittent thunder, lightening, and hail. I as about an hour from home, when I drove right into a really serious hail storm. I slowed way down, and proceeded with what I thought was caution. It appears that I was not careful enough. I came around a curve, and my pickup truck started to slide on the hail. Everything became slow motion at this time. I worked and worked to pull the truck out of the slide, but it was of no use. I slide across the on coming lane of highway traffic, and the rear end of my truck struck the muddy bank. The truck then caught traction and shot out across BOTH lanes of highway traffic, and hit the guard rail on that side of the road. OH my GRANNY....what a scary ride it was. I was relatively unhurt, but considerably shaken up. I am so very grateful that there was no traffic in the oncoming lanes, as I crossed through it TWICE. I shutter to think how it would have ended up if I had hit another car. I'm glad I'll never find out. My truck is a beast, and took the crash well. It is in the shop, and I hope to have it back in a few weeks. I am also very, VERY happy that Sugar Bear was safely at school when it happened. whew.

The fourth shot was taken on February 16th. This is the loaner car I am using while my truck is getting fixed. I do not like driving a small car. I feel vulnerable in it. I am used to sitting up so much higher, and feeling like I have lots of vehicle around me.

The fifth shot was taken on February 17th, while I was at the local DMV office turning in my accident report. Usually there is a long line, and wait that feels like FOREVER, but this day, I breezed right in....and took care of business. It was one bright spot in the list of hassles involved in an accident.

The sixth shot was taken on February 18th. I had to travel again for work...and there was hail. I have a bit of post traumatic stress I pulled over. I made it safely to my training, and spend 8 and half hours in a class that ended in a test. I haven't taken a test in years. It felt good. Not sure how I did, but I'm sure I passed.

The seventh shot was taken on February 19th. Sugar Bear and I had to go grocery shopping....oh how we needed some food in our house. It had been getting pretty depressing around dinner time. I like to have lots of choices, and we had been out of our staples for awhile. I was nice to restock.
So there you have it. My week. In a was good. I mean...I'm alive....and I didn't hurt anyone, and to me....that's all that really truly matters.

10 Live It or Love It:

inkyblog said...

what a week - started off so pretty and bright... but then that crash sounded AWFUL and so scary:( so glad you're OK and your car looks like it just got into a parking bump :)

i cannot wait to see your week with a sprinkling of Disneyland in it xoxoxo

Autumn said...

So glad you are OK! What's the front end look like? Probably not so good. Glad you'll have it back soon. I was driving our big huge truck tonight to the feed store and thought of you. I too like the feeling of all that metal around me.... feels so much safer. Love Sugars Valentines, so cute!

Kerstin said...

OMG Corey - thats my worst imaginaton - having a car crash. Thank god I didn't have had this experience even I drive for more than 27 years now. I am so glad that you are okay. Thank god no one else was hurt because I think that is the worst what can happen - knowing you culpable of someones who got hurt.
Never the less I love the photo of your car - Love all your week-photos - the hearts are awesome. Hope you get back your car soon......

Lindy said...

Soo glad you're OK- how scary!

Jessie said...

I am so glad that you weren't hurt! What a scary thing to have happened. What a week is right! When I saw your dmv photo on Sunday I thought it was because you were due a new license. Sorry to hear about your truck but again glad you are fine. I love Sugar Bear's cards! How fun! I traced hearts for the girls and they cut them out and decorated them for their friends. Lame right?

Jen said...

Oh my. How scary. I am so glad you are ok.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, I'm so glad you're okay. That is absolutely terrifying! I won't even let myself think about what could have happened.

SB's Valentines--BEST EVER.

My word verification on your blog today: ireelygd (Is it a sign?)

Gayle said...

I am so glad you weren't hurt in your accident. Hope that big truck is fixed soon!

Unknown said...

I am so glad you are ok! How terribly frightening that must have been!

Christina said...

my goodness, you sure did have a week! All things considered, I am glad you are could have been much worse. yikes!
oh, and a couple years ago Nadia and I did valentines like that! My favorite EVER!

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