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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 52


September 19th was a pretty normal Monday. School for The Sugar and work for me. We are having a lovely Fall season here, so far. So much sun. It is beautiful. I get to pick Sugar Bear up off the bus after school about 1-2 times a week....and I cherish the look on her face as she runs to me. It is so very uplifting to be loved by someone so amazing. I'm so very blessed.


September 20th was another gorgeous day here, and I took advantage of the pretty light to grab a shot of our walnut tree. I pass by this tree in our yard on my way to feed the rabbits everyday. It drops leaves, but they don't turn pretty colors. They go from this beautiful brown or black. I'll miss these green leaves in the next few months.


September 21st was a long day at work....and I was feeling pretty uninspired photography wise. I did manage to sneak around the yard and nab a shot of my husband and his friend working on our dune buggy. They were deep in conversation and didn't notice me lurking in the rhododendron bush.


September 22nd was another hard day. Seems like there is just a whole lot of these recently. Grieving in the workplace.....not a fun thing. I took this shot outside of Sugar Bear's dance school, because I kept thinking all day, "There is more than ONE WAY to grieve!"


September 23rd I spent the entire day with our staff in trainings. It was good at times.....hard at others. There was anxiety, and hurt.....and memories, and closing. I nabbed this shot of a wall lamp during the training. My heart just wasn't into photography that day. I rather wished I was in the scene on this lamp instead of a being trapped in a room with 100+ people, trying not to think about the one that is not there. sigh.....

September 24th was quiet day at home. Well....sort of. I wanted it to be more relaxed, but there were too many people with expectations of my time. Sugar Bear spent a good deal of time playing with "Fuzzy" and "Cutie". (I'm sure you figure out who is who in this shot.) Later in the day after ascertaining that we have 2 female, and 4 male baby bunnies to sell, my friend came out and bought up the two females. These two little honey bunnies are males....and still for sale. (wink wink....)


September 25th was a fabulous day of fun. We went to a friend's birthday party at the local gymnastics place, and boy oh boy did Sugar Bear have fun. What a great group of kiddos. We are blessed with such wonderful friends.

2 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

I'm sorry I'm so behind in reading your blog. I've been so preoccupied with my life... I love the sneaky picture of Dave and friend. Wish my life was settled enough to get a bunny from you. Cause that cutie is sure a cutie!

inkyblog said...

i love peeks of your hubbie - i don't know why, i just like to know more about your family i guess :) missing you xoxox

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