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Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 53


Man, there is a NASTY echo in this here blog. Girlfriend knows she is oh so very boring these days. Bore to the triple RING! I've gotcha, but I'm keeping up with my 365 project. I can't believe I've done it now for two whole years. You have NO IDEA how many photo are on my hard drive. NO isn't pretty. But seriously.....I love that I can see a true representation of my life in photos for the past two years.
It really is a trip.

I'm definitely continuing on through the end of the year, so here is another week in the life of Corey Bo BOREY! yawn....


September 26th was a Monday. At this point most Monday's starting looking so much the like the rest. same ol' same ol'....sigh. Sugar Bear was excited to wear her "new to her" boots to school. It was a pretty fall day. It was a bit rainy in the AM, but the sun peeked out later in the day. I love catching the sun flare in this shot. I must have been in the mood to treasure the sun this week, because there is a sun flare in several photos.


September 27th was a long Tuesday (like they all are these days), but it ended so very well with time for strawberries, whipped cream, and pancakes. My girls FAVORITE meal. It was a real treat to be able to surprise her with this for dinner. Gosh I love this crazy kid! ♥


September 28th ended at a meeting for Sugar Bear's new school. It was a bit different for a strange location, but I made the best of it....and Sugar had a bit of fun relaxing on a park bench. I love all her colorful clothing. She gives me joy just to look at her. That is a good...good thing!


September 29th was another long day, but it started with some amazing sun. I soooooo wanted to stop and nab a shot of the gorgeous light, but we couldn't be late for the bus, so I just snapped a shot of the flare in my truck. I wanted to remember the feeling of this golden light. Soon it will be DARK when we drive to school. ick.


September 30th really felt like Fall. I am a fan of the idea of Fall. I even enjoy so many of the wonder aspects, like the falling leaves....the crisp mornings....the golden light. But all too all comes with RAIN. I'm so not not ready, BUT we need rain. My well water is getting so low and stinky. The sulphur is usually not detectable when you drink it....but is getting icky. NO THANKS. I think I'd rather have rain.


October 1st brought the rain....the "lots of rain" sort of rain. We attended a birthday party for one of Sugar Bear's friend. They had a "jump 4 fun" obstacle course. The kids weren't turned off by the rain one bit. Within minutes they were soaking (and I do mean soaking) wet. They played like that for an hour as the parents huddled underneath umbrellas, and a small amount of shelter. It was so fun to watch the kids. Looking back on the photos now....I wish I had joined in. Next time. Remind me, okay.

October 2nd was a quiet day at home, like most Sundays. It wouldn't be fall, if we didn't have a TON of spiders hanging around our house. I'm not a huge fan, in general, of spiders, but I do love to photograph them. I am pretty happy with this shot. Macro photography can be a real challenge. Often I have my lens to open, and the depth of field is too narrow. But I think this is pretty close to what I imagined. I happy with the web....dew.....light...and the spider. That doesn't happy very often for me. This was a win!


5 Live It or Love It:

Jessie said...

That spider shot is creepy :) The one of Sugar in the wet bounce slide is great! Nice week!

SortaCrunchy Megan said...

The pancakes picture!!! SO FUN! What a treat. You are such a great mama with a great girlie.

inkyblog said... xoxoxo

Jen said...

That spider shot is awesome. You are such a dedicated photographer. I can't believe you have been doing this for 2 years.

Autumn said...

That spider... creepy! haha and I echo what Jen said.. You are so dedicated, I love that you have been doing this so long. You're weekly recap is my favorite. :)

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