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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Fall, Ya'll!

Q: What did one autumn leaf say to another?
A: I'm falling for you.


Looking back at where I was a year ago, forces me to realize how "out of it" I have been in the past month. This exhaustion....this dull, listless behavior isn't ME. I want the happy, loving the season, excited for possibilities, and looking to the positive Corey back.


For more reasons than I can count I adore the season of Fall. There is just something to love about it. Last Friday, I took a moment to SLOW.THE.HECK.DOWN, and gave myself permission to just walk, and look....and be in the season. It was fabulous. IT really got me thinking about how much I love Fall, and how it just isn't like me to not be engaged in life right now.


I know I've been grieving.....and it appears that it has done a real number on me. While looking back at my blogging from last fall, I ran across THIS POST and I could seriously write it alllllll over again WORD.FOR.WORD. That makes me sad. I so want it to be better. I need it to be better. When will it be better?


It is time, yet again, for me to grab my life by the horns, and stop letting the "other stuff" be the "big stuff"!
It is time for me to start noticing.....

- The cold crisp mornings....and clear sunny afternoon. ♥


-The I love the autumn colors in nature. In general, I'm not a fan of orange, and yellow in my home, or in clothing....but in nature....WOW!

- The incredible it turned everything into a masterpiece.

- The crinkly crunch of leaves under my feet.

-The food....oh the food of Autumn. sigh...pumpkin......I need pumpkin. I made the most yummy Pumpkin Butter Cake the other day. YOU.MUST.TRY.IT! MUST!
So this is ME, Corey, suggesting to myself that it is time to start living and loving. It's time to be engaged. Don't let this incredible season pass unnoticed!

8 Live It or Love It:

Kerstin said...

I love love love your photos Corey - and I am totally with you regarding the "last year thing" - there its THE SAME! I want the old Kerstin back - the one who had time for herself, for her photography, for blogging and reading blogs....for everything I did last year - right now I only can see work, work and again work (and it has almost nothing to do with the work I love)
But I hope our time will come back soon - I really hope :))))

Jen said...

You have such a positive attitude Corey. You truly are an inspiration to me. I hope you start feeling more like yourself soon.

Beth Cotell said...

Praying that you find your old self again soon.

Megan Cobb said...

Goodness, those are breathtaking. Sending you much love and hugs. The answer for me is always the same - to take in some beauty and remind myself of the good in the world. I hope you can find your way back to where you want to be, my friend.

Gayle said...

Outstanding photography as always. I think you have convinced yourself....enjoy life and don't make something big that really isn't (coming from a mom who could use less "big"). Cyber hugs to you.

Marcelle said...

I'm loving walking around this time of year with my camera as well...such amazing colors to capture.Just wish it was not so cold..

Heidi said...

Beautiful autumn photos, Corey. Just a couple things: start the morning with a Psalm. And on the way home from work?----pumpkin pie blizzards....... Hugs, Heidi

(the eagle has landed....packed delivered!)

Anonymous said...

I know the words in your posts sometimes give away that you're down or sad, but the pictures you post paint such a different picture of you. Does that make sense? I'm glad you are able to see beauty in everything, even during your down times.

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