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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Week~ 101


September 3rd was another perfectly peaceful day at home. I found myself sucked into a book I'm reading while my girl busied herself outdoors. I read a lot. I'm on book 56 of 2012, but it is really truly rare that I read while my girl is awake. I do nearly all of my reading when both Sugar and my husband are asleep. Today....I just had to read. HAD.TO. READ!

My girl surprised me with some jewelry and a barrette she made out of leaves, sticks, and a huge old staple from a box she found outside. She was more than happy to model the myrtle leaf barrette she made. It was not only smelled so good, too.

For this collage, I chose a photo I took of Sugar Bear and Toby cat in the morning hanging out on the deck together.  I adore watching these two together.  Toby used to prefer to spend his time out of Sugar's reach, but now they are two peas in a pod. 

Sep 03 2012_0023ew

September 4th was interesting because the weirdest thing happened the night before. My little Sugar had a freak accident in the bathroom. She was standing too close to the door jam and had a HUGE sneeze, which rammed her face into the latch plate busting her lip and chipping her PERMANENT front tooth! ACK! all because of a sneeze. The chip is minor...hoping to just have it sanded down to even it up a little, but she is very worried about it. Poor girl. She cried herself to sleep, which is so unlike her.

She woke up feeling better about it, but still so unsure. She was worried the kids would notice her chipped tooth.

It was great to see her get off the bus after school so very HAPPY. She said that no one even noticed. :) That made her happy. 

Sep 04 2012_0009efb

September 5th made me realize that things are NUTS at work right now. We moved into a brand spankin' new building. is HUGE and such a move. We consolidated FOUR buildings into ONE. We will be serving around 160 0-5 years old in this building. It is amazing, and something so very different from what we are used to. There is so much work to do to get ready. The MOVE has been fast and furious, and now the settling in. People are fried....on edge, and quite a bit grumpy at times. I am trying to be a light in that mess. I keep reminding folks to "go with the flow". Things are tough right now, but it will get better with time.

I came home without having grabbed any photos for the day. I wanted to wash some dust off my truck, and I noticed the pretty light coming through the trees and just knew it would make lovely bokeh.

Sep 05 2012_0014ew

September 6th was a busy day at my new office, and Sugar Bear had a spectacular day in 2nd grade. We hurried home to pack up for a weekend trip we are taking. I can't wait. I even get to take a baby bunny to work with me tomorrow, so we can leave directly from town. The baby bunny is the reason we are using to finally go see some friends in their new house. They will be the proud owners of this sweet little baby bunny, Jack. They are going to love him.

I intended to get a shot of Jack, but I just walked out the front door, and around the corner and this insect was hanging out on the flower. It seemed to want me to take it's picture, so I did. It was just there.

Sep 06 2012_0015ew

September 7th was super AWESOME. Work and school went fast, and my girl and I were so happy to be heading out of town to deliver a special little bunny to some special friends. Jack Jack, the baby bunny was such a good little buddy in the truck the whole trip. It was 96 degrees at his new home, and he isn't used to the heat, but he settled into his new bunny hutch quickly.

I think this is one happy little boy....and a sweet new bunny friend. We will miss you Jack, but we know you are going to have a GREAT life.  Not a great photo of Jack, Jack, but the kids are happy.

Sep 07 2012_0125ew

September 8th was spent with our friends. There was MUCH talking. LOTS of laughing. So much fun.

The kiddos get along great. The mamas......well, we've always loved each other's company, so it was delightful.

We went up the river, had a small hike, and the kiddos took a dip in the river. It was quite easily a perfect sort of day.

Sep 08 2012_0060ew

September 9th sent us on our way home from our weekend adventure, we stopped by my parents house for a quick visit, and a harvesting of their garden. They are always ready to give us produce. We got raspberries, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, carrots, and green beans.

This shot shows the pole beans, and in the back ground you can see my mom and my sugar bear. 
Sep 09 2012_0010ew

2 Live It or Love It:

Anonymous said...

I heart your beautiful life. I'm glad SB's tooth wasn't as big a deal in the end, but bummer that she had to go through such a rough night. You'll have a great story to tell for years though! It would totally make a great picture book...

inkyblog said...

aww i miss you guys - love the picture with the cat, so very sweet xoxo

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