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Monday, September 3, 2012

My Week 99


August 20th, after a busy day at work, I was more than happy to jet off to see a friend whom I hadn't seen in a few months. We had such a great time chit chatting that I almost forgot to grab a photo for the day. I had intended on getting a photo of our girls playing together, but they were having such a nice time, and I was chatting away, I didn't want to bother them.  I grabbed this shot her sweet Buddy while we continued to chat.
Aug 20 2012_0010ew
August 21st was work....and daycare.  But here is my Ivy Girl.   She is the sweetest dog ever, and so smart. She has had a few long days at home. 9 hours alone each day, and she has been such an angel. I was more than happy to come home and throw the ball for her. She was super excited, and even took time to pose for a pretty picture for me. ?
Aug 21 2012_0005ew
August 22nd was (you guessed it) work and daycare, and then home for ball for the dog, and some outdoor exploring for my girl.  Oh me oh my....when did this happen? When did my teeny tiny baby turn into this beautiful young lady. It seems like I blinked a few times and she grew up. It is times like tonight when we were outside throwing the ball for Ivy, and just soaking up the evening sun that I find myself glancing her way, and holding my breath. It's almost like I believe that if I'm quiet enough....if I keep her in my will pause time, and she will forever be my little girl.

Hold your breath with me.....and maybe it will work.
Aug 22 2012_0051ew
August 23rd was more of the same.  We stopped off at our other property on our way home and Sugar Bear busied herself with some scootering.  This scooter is much too small. I really need to bring something else to keep over there for her to do.  We are trying to hold on to these late summer evenings.  Love the light.
Aug 23 2012_0026ew
August 24th was a long....long....long day at work, and I had ZERO energy.  I grabbed this shot of Sugar Bear and one of her favorite friends from daycare.  They were being such hams.  Love it.
Aug 24 2012_0046ew
August 25th I grabbed a shot of this little fellow in the garden of Sugar Bear's school. We spent the morning there helping get the school ready for the new school year. Mostly we worked in the 2nd Grade classroom, but we had lunch in the garden.

For some reason, I had ZERO energy this weekend. I felt like a snail. or a slug. ugh.
Aug 25 2012_0038ew
August 26th I took this shot of my Sugar when we were playing with her panda bamboo game. We had an extremely lazy day at home together. I did manage to make a few batches of homemade granola bars, and energy bites for her lunch box in the coming first weeks of school.
Aug 26 2012_0014ew

2 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

Gosh, I've been away so long. Besides being extremely busy this summer, my Internet is the worst. Most of the time it won't load but 1/3 of a blogs photos, but when I tried you tonight they all showed up!! Yay!! I've missed being around, but when the computer won't work, what can I do?

Man Sugar's hair has gotten so long. I really miss Olivia's hair long, but I don't miss caring for it.

Hope you had a wonderful summer.

inkyblog said...

which is your most used lens? every single pic is so sharp, well composed and beautifully exposed - it has to be the 50mm right....?

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