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Friday, August 17, 2007

Four For Friday!

This week's Four For Friday is an UP-DATE on this one. It is always humbling to look back at goals and realize that you fell short. In this particular case, I have a 50/50 success rate.

1. My first goal was to scrapbook THREE times. Well....ummm......yeah.....are you ready for this......I scrap booked a total of......drum roll please....... ZERO TIMES!!!!!! Isn't that fabulous? Ummmm yeah! Not so good! I'd like to blame this on my friends. I mean seriously...what fun is it to shoulder all the responsibility? Not one of my friends invited me to come scrap booking. I mean, I know that I have been a scrap booking slacker for a few years...but still....have some faith in me people! Anyhow, due to this lack of outside encouragement, I managed to go the whole summer break without touching my scrap booking stuff. NICE!

2. My second goal for the summer was to work on the mountains of clutter in my house, and discover a solution to my hobby organizational issues. I am proud to announce that this has been a success. woo hoo....give me a high five!!! I actually worked pretty hard at figuring out a way to KEEP all my hobbies and the supplies to go with them, yet not have them cluttering up my small house. I purchased and placed a large table into my bedroom. I moved all my sewing and bow making tools and supplies from the dining room into there. I have to admit that it did make my bedroom look a little less lovely, but seriously no one goes in there, so if one room has to look more cluttered then I feel best about it being my bedroom. The table is large enough for me to have great work space for sewing projects, and for scrap booking (if I ever get around to it). I am really excited about that. My dining room is now a proper place for meals. :) This has been a success for sure!

3. My third goal for the summer was to Blog regularly, which was defined as 3 or more times a week. As you can plainly see by looking over at my sidebar, I was certainly able to achieve this.
Here are a few of my favorite blog posts from the summer:

-Anxiety and Bliss

-Discovering JOY

-Spirit, Caution, and LOVE

-The Stutter

-Gone Fishin

-Cows, Creeks, and Sugar Bear

-The Crust Eater!

4. My last goal for the summer was to potty train the wee one. Welllllllllllllllll....that was a no go. Sugar is just not ready. It is as simple as that. Luckily, after a brief discussion with Lorrene, her new caregiver, I was able to put a hold on all efforts to entice Sugar Bear to use the potty. She has taken to telling me she is "TOO BIG" to use the potty lately. It was actually a huge relief to be able to relax and let her decided when she is ready. I had purchased the video, "Potty Power" after reading great reviews, but after previewing it I decided it wasn't for us. I felt that the first 5 minutes focused on shaming the children into being a big kid. It seemed that the focus was too negative towards babies, and what babies do. There are few things that were listed as "baby things" that Sugar Bear still does that I didn't want her to feel bad about. In fact, I don't think I'll ever parent with the goal of making her feel negative about who is is or what she used to do. So....I'll be selling that video on e-bay, and we will continue a slow potty training process when she is ready.

Next Friday, I may focus on 4 new goals for the fall. Even though I wasn't entirely successful this summer, I do feel that having a few things to focus on was helpful.

6 Live It or Love It:

Laura said...

Great idea about giving an update! Good for you about the organizing/decluttering success. And you know I'm loving your blogging! :)

Don't worry about the potty training setbacks. If she's not ready, she's not ready! Maya's not either. And as far as the scrapbooking...well, I haven't finished Maya's first year book either. And I've decided that's all the scrapbooking I'm doing! I just don't finish it when I start.

Donetta said...

Wow Great update!
I too have left my scraping at bay.
I am in the progress of doing my craft supplies you inspire me! The new table does too. Thanks for your calibrating with me over it. I have to get ready for I might do a show or two this fall/winter. Not sure yet. It would be fun to do though.
It would be cool to gain a little income. I find more often then not that the expenses get covered and that it is more about the hearts of the people who come visit my booth. Well see. I do have a lot of things already created. I have so many supplies. I wouldn't have to purchase.

Maude Lynn said...

I totally agree with you about not shaming Makenna about the potty training. It'll happen when she's ready and not one minute before!

Bellevelma said...

No rush on the potty training. She'll get there when she's ready.
Now that you've organized your stuff will you please come help me with mine? I'm buried.

Mary Ann said...

Great job Corey! I know what you mean about the scrapbooking. I didn't get any new stuff done either. Oh well. At least you take tons and tons of pictures to save all of your memories.

Autumn said...

Oh I'm so glad your letting Kenna drive the potty training. She would drive it no matter what, it's just that you both would get completley frustrated and it wouldn't happen any faster if you pushed her. How do I know this? I made that big mistake with Gavin, I was in such a hurry to get him there.. and he finally did it on his own when I let him take the lead. I look back and think, geez all that frustration for nothing. Good job on the organizing! I love getting my house in order, makes me feel like the rest of my life is too! lol

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