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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday- When I was 21

This week, I decided to jump on the Time Travel Tuesday Bandwagon hosted by the lovely Annie over at My Life As Annie.
This week's Theme is: 21. hard to believe that I was 21, 11 years ago. GULP.....How did that happen? Feels like yesterday. Okay, so not quite yesterday, but it surly doesn't feel like over a decade ago. That really makes me feel old.

I sit here busting my mommy brain trying to remember where I was....who I I was....when I can't even remember where I was yesterday. Darn that mommy brain!

To the best of my recollection I turned 21 my senior year of College. I was living in a girls Co-Op on campus and I loved it! There were about 50 young women living in a big house, and sharing the responsibilities. I learned a lot, and made some good friends. It is a cherished time in my life for sure.

I have never in my entire life been interested in drinking, so my 21st birthday didn't mean what to so many it did. (did that sentence even make sense????) I have never to this day had a drink in a bar. Not interested. Instead I enjoyed listening to music and playing hours and hours of cards with my good friends who were much like me. I fit in....and was so very happy.

I finished school that June, getting all A's. I planned my wedding to the man who had been my honey for 5 years. We wed in July. We moved into our newly purchased home. Life changed. Suddenly, I was living in a city where I knew no one other than hubby and his sister. Hubby is a Commercial Fisherman, so I was was soon spending days on end by myself. He was often gone for a week at a time. This as a huge adjustment from living in a house full of girls. I learned to conquer my fear of being home alone at night. I got a little kitten to keep me company, and focused a ton of time being a mama to my kitty. We already had a wonderful black lab, who was my protector. I spent my time, cleaning, reading, and writing letters to friends and family. I also, at that time, began my quest to learn to cook. I was a hamburger helper junkie. I also became quite the soap opera junkie. tee hee...

I guess you can say that my 21st year was certainly one of the most changing years in my life. At least up to that point.

14 Live It or Love It:

KC said...

21 didn't mean drinking to me either.. I have yet to this day had a drink either. Sounds like your 21st year was a busy one for you.
Thanks for sharing it with us.
Great TTT

Nancy Face said...

I,ve never had a drink my entire life, either! I loved your post...thank you for sharing your experiences! :)

Blessed Beyond a doubt.... said...

I love to play cards and games, too. My friend and I always played Yahtzee.

Thanks for sharing!

Annie said...

Great post, I've never been in a bar either, well not on purpose anyway :o)... one time me and my friend Mendy from church went to town for a girl's outing and went in a place that we didn't know was a 'bar'... we were carded and then we ask for a menu to order food. They looked at us like we were nuts and then brought a list of appetizers on a laminated piece of paper. We left. And laughed. A lot!

Michelle said...

That year sure did bring a lot of changes for you!

My 21st bday wasn't much of a celebration either - no going out and getting drunk for me too; just didn't see the purpose in it LOL

Donetta said...

What a wonderful life Corey. How awesome that you planned your day to wed so far out. I think your marvelous. 21 was 25 yrs ago for me. It is so strange how fast life flies by. I wish your honey could get me some fresh wild salmon.

Hyperactive Lu said...

I didn't go out and drink either on my birthday...We went to Chilis and I was gonna order a drink, but ended up getting a drink w/o the alcohol in it! Ha! Sounds like everyone changed a lot since 21!

Lori said...

What a fun year! I really wish I had gone away to college. I miss the fact that I didn't get to "live with the girls".

Lori said...

What a fun year! I really wish I had gone away to college. I miss the fact that I didn't get to "live with the girls".

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Sounded like a great year. I have never been much of a drinker, either, but I have had a drink in a bar.

we are reilly said...

21, oh those were the days -- I would LOVE to go back there for just one day -- I actually enjoyed being 19 and 20 more than 21. 21 brought more responsibility and 'life'....I would enjoy one day without responsibility -- except to wake up and go to class on time and hang out with friends!

Maude Lynn said...

The day I turned 21, I went to a convenience store and bought a six pack of beer. Didn't want it or need it; it was the principle of the thing!

Heidi said...

I don't remember when or how I turned 21! Well, I do KNOW how, the calendar pages just turned...LOL

I'll have to insert myself in your 21 story somehow...How about soon after you moved here we met? How? Can't even remember how we met! But soon after that I invited you to come over to my house to do those silly VCR aerobics with me! And you did! And that's how we became friends. The End.

See, I'm in your "21" story! LOL
{{hugs to my neighbor and friend}}

Pam said...

I'm scratching my mommy brain head trying to remember 21. I think that was the year I had the really bad roommates, so I blocked it out. :)

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