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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Present That Has Me Freaked Out

So Hubby got me a new computer for Christmas. This alone is a enough to freak me the heck out, since he is constantly envious of the time I spend on the computer. Opening a brand spankin new computer on Christmas Eve was a complete and utter SHOCK! However, instead of being all giddy happy about it...I am so stressed out I can hardly see straight! I totally loathe the process of switching computers. The questions swirl in my head like a never ending spin cycle. What to save, what to let go....will Vista suck as much as I hear it does???? Should I upgrade my photoshop, because I am not even sure elements 3.0 will load on Vista.....who do I call? Who do I ask? How long can I put this off? What if the new computer hates me? Why me???????

Yesterday, Hubby asked me if he should just take it back. I think he was feeling a tad put out that I hadn't just jumped at setting it up. so I bit the bullet and set to work. I sent the Sugar to Grandma's house, so that I could concentrate and complete the task uninterrupted.

I am stressed out.

My MIL gave me a really cool switch, so that I can have both my old and new towers running. I have it all set up. My new computer is running as is. I haven't put a thing on it. I am surfing the net on the old one, and I am pretty sure I am going to keep it like that. That way I won't have to worry about adware, and spyware....and whatever the heck else getting on my new computer. I think I am going to just do my photos, photoshop and word processing on the new computer. I think I am going to wipe the programs off the old computer and use it for hubby's video game, surfing the Net, and Sugar's games. The switch is cool though. all I have to do is push the "scroll lock" key twice and it toggles to the other tower. That makes it easy. No switching of cables.

I still haven't figure it all out yet. I am such a freak. Why do I make everything so difficult. Most people would just happily set up the new computer, and go from there. Corey has to think through every single possibility and RETHINK it all again.
Right now I am just hoping someone knows how to make it so that my new 19 inch LCD screen doesn't stretch out my view and make all my photos look like a fun house mirror. When I am using the new tower, it all looks fine, but when I am on my old tower everything is all wonky.....I am just so clueless.....sigh.

Send me good thoughts....and maybe just maybe some helpful hints. Any worries I haven't already thought of? Any wonderful stories of love for Vista? Anyone.....anyone....Bueller? Bueller?

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7 Live It or Love It:

Mary Ann said...

First of all, I would be honored for you to steal my idea!

I totally can feel your pain about the new computer thing. I too make everything much more difficult than it really is. Everything has to have a plan that I must rehash to anyone who will listen until I organize all my thoughts...whether it is about a purchase, the best method to do something, or anything else in life. I hope you get everything figured out about your new computer and feel at ease about it soon. What a sweet and thoughtful gift from your hubby!

holly said...

oh that totally rocks. sorry, software engineer here. i had to clean up the drool before commenting. although vista...hmm... still, *new*! more memory. more storage. more more more! oh i gotta go calm down now. when i read that zombie book (yeah right) my hub got me, i'm going to pretend it's a new computer...

Josi said...

Last Feb I finally bought myself a Mac--I was so stoked. I ripped it out of the box and half an hour later I put it back. I was totally overwhelmed. It took me a few days to finally figure out the basics and like you I kept a bunch of stuff on my old computer. It's now been 10 months and I don't use the old one very much at all. I was so glad I took it sloooooooow, because otherwise I'd have messed stuff up and been totally overwhelmed. That switch sounds fabulous! Good luck.

Autumn said...

You crack me up. I'll trade you.. I got socks for Christmas. I have one of those switches too. I use it when I'm .. ahem.. working. I'm on the web with my old one and working on my new work computer. I now have four computers in my house.. you would think that is enough, but I'm still fighting hubby and Bug for time. I need to set up one for them, but I haven't done it yet. I tend to overthink it too.. I can't decide if I want theirs in another room..... or use another switch. Have fun playing with it!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Hi Corey, it's me (WorksForMom), I just changed my profile name. I hope you and your fam had an awesome Christmas.

You are hilarious. IF I got another computer or a new one, I'd be on cloud 9! Girl, if you can figure out that DSLR - you can definitely handle that new PC! :)

Michelle said...

what a thoughtful gift! but I know what you mean about having to switch everything over and setting a new one up!

Joe is the computer guy here so I don't really have any advice :) We did have a switch when we were sharing computers, then he got a laptop :) Then we had the switch when he had our server set up, now he's got something else going on so I don't use the switch anymore :)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow. I would love to have a PC just for me. But I get the stress bit too. We still have a ton of stuff to transfer from our old computer.
Hope you get it sorted sweetie.

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